Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Have you seen this movie? It's not a great movie. The best part of it in my opinion is the sound track. Anyway, it's about a not-so-good single mother and her 2 girls. My sister and I have joked about this movie for years and years. She serves cheese doodles in a bowl for dinner. I mean like, calls her kids to the table for their meal, and literally serves cheese doodles. So if we have had a long day, or if we're just not feelin' it, we will be like.....I'm serving a Mermaid dinner tonight. Or....I'm serving a Cher dinner tonight. Or if I go somewhere where I personally would serve a meal, and instead receive a bowl of chips, I'll say...I went to a Mermaid style party today.
Growing up, I never EVER ate something that was pulled out of a box in the freezer. It just never happened. We never sat down around the table with bags of fast food. We never ate sauce out of a jar, or lettuce out of a bag. Chef-boy-r-dee? something my mother would consider to be dog food. Other than the occasional Chinese food, and the ever so rare White Castle, we ate a home cooked meal every single night of the week. All 8 of us. You learn what you live. My kids don't eat frozen food out of a box, and we stay away from fast food.
Once in a blue moon, I pull a "junk night". I would say once a quarter. Tonight was the night. Here's my conversation with Amber, and a show of how well my kids know me.
A: What's for dinner?
Me: Junk.
A: YES! Chicken wings!!
Me: How did you know that?
A: Because any time that you say were having "junk" it's chicken wings and finger foods.
I got nothing. She's right. I guess I am predictable to my 10 year old. You have to see their faces light up when they see it's "junk night". It's hilarious.

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Marie Marsicano said...

I am the sister that laughs with her on this!!! Same in my house and it is all because of how we were raised. Meal everynight cooked by me or my mom (she lives with us). When my kitchen was under construction for Colleen's Shower I about had a nervous breakdown - I could not wait to cook for my family again!!! I know we are a rare breed - but I love to cook - especially for a big group.

And just to add - if you take fish sticks and french fries out of the freezer and put them on a cookie sheet to heat up - please do not tell me you cooked for your family - you provided dinner - but you didn't cook.....