Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Up Sellin'

I experienced some hard core up-selling at the post office in my recent visits. Times are tough all around. I mean...would you like to send this first class over night? How about 2 day delivery? Of course you need stamps right? As I am trying to be coaxed into spending more money than I intended (never happens. I am the queen of "No, thank you") I am listening to all of the other clerks doing the same thing. Almost like they were given an actual list of questions that they were asked to run through with each and every customer.

There are certain places that you expect the up-sell to come. Restaurants. Cable/phone companies. Infomercial companies when you call to place your order.

But the Post Office?

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Marie Marsicano said...

Oh the poor post office person. I guess they didn't realize if you have 19 things to mail you buy 19 stamps and not just the book of 20!!! :)