Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I have this new friend....

I met Heather this morning. It felt as if we were old friends that ran into each other. Very comfy. I hope to get to spend some time with her. Small world....My BFF and her BFF have been very close friends for a very long time. Maybe that's why we clicked. Hopes for a new found friendship.....

And the craziest part of it is, I haven't met her...yet.

A few months back, I received an email from a woman who also attends my church. She said that she stumbled across my blog, and was in awe of how similar our lives are. Same age, 1 boy 1 girl, failed, painful (I believe, I know for me anyway) past relationship, shuffling kids back and forth, the mixed emotions of letting them go for holidays and comes a Love for the Lord, life renewed, meeting the man He had intended for us, getting a second chance at life, and true happiness. It was familiar enough for her to reach out to me. We spoke briefly, but never did meet. The day before my wedding, I heard from her again. I believe she is married for a year now. She expressed her happiness and excitement for me. Imagine that. Isn't that something? She was even praying for me. Have you ever felt connected to someone that you have never met before? Do you ever think that God strategically places someone so close to you, that's so much like you, so you can plainly see that you are not alone? You're not the only one that has gone through these types of rough spots in life? And it's never too late to get in line with what God has planned for you?

Imagine learning all of that from someone that you haven't even had the chance to meet yet? Isn't it crazy how God teaches you things? Even if it's not all up in your face? It's there, you just have to make sure you are paying attention, and like my friend, have the nerve to speak up and reach out when He is telling you to.

We are supposed to meet this Sunday. 10am toddler 1 room at Providence Campus. I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I did know, I didn't know...

I did know that I would be relaxed the day of my wedding.

I didn't know I would need a last minute prayer session with an Amazing Godly Woman just moments before I walked down the isle that would calm me like I would have never believed.

I did know that my decor for outside wasn't quite what I asked for.

I didn't know it blew over several times before the ceremony, therefore, it had to be changed.

I did know that I was going to get lost in my wedding ceremony and my vows.

I didn't know that while I was doing that, one of my bridesmaids was fainting.

I did know that my husband was going to cry during our vows.

I didn't know that people who couldn't see his face were wondering if he was having second thoughts!

I did know that that my 4 inch heels were going to be killing me by the end of the day.

I didn't know that 3 days later, my feet were still going to be killing me.

I did know that my nieces, nephews and I worked hard for 3 months to learn the Thriller dance in its entirety.

I didn't know it was going to knock the wedding out of the park, and be every one's favorite part!

I did know that my wedding cake was going to be gorgeous.

I didn't know that even the people that worked there for 20+ years were going to say that it was the most amazing cake they had ever seen.

I did know I was going to be busy, and not eat too much.

I didn't know Robert and I were going to wake up at 1:30am, starving to death.

I did know I had a patient, amazing photographer.

I didn't know how hard he was going to work to make sure that we will have the most breath taking wedding photos.

I did know that Billy, Dawne and Siobhainin said 'hell or high water', they would be at my wedding.

I didn't know they would hop in a car Thursday night and drive 11 hours to make it here for my big day.

I did know my daughter could bust out 'Respect' by Aretha Franklin.

I didn't know she would have the guts to do it in front of all those people.

I did know I worked hard on my music.

I didn't know so many people would pull me to the side and say how awesome it was, not even knowing I made all of the cd's myself.

I did know I would be so, so happy.

I didn't know my Pastor would announce to everyone that my smile was stretching from ear to ear.

I did know God has his hands All over my wedding day.

I didn't know what I was missing out on not having Him in the center of my life for so long.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guest Blogger - Melissa Shongood

Melissa has been with us for most of her life. She is not yet 30 so her story will be from the perspective of a child who grew up knowing our dad. Our parents were best friends for all of our lives. They worked together, played together and spent lots and lots of time together. Bob and Lorraine lost their daughter Jaime when she was just 12 years old. Dad was so, so upset for his friends that he went into his room and didn’t come out for days and we seriously mean days…. The first time Bob called the house after Jaime passed dad answered the phone (no caller id back then) he heard Bob’s voice and he lost it, was hysterical and just hung up. He was so heartbroken for them and he was at a loss as to how to help them. He was a man who always swooped in to help whenever he could and feeling like he couldn’t help this time was crippling to him.

The Shongood's represent our childhood, friendship that has sustaned through all life has throw at us and never ending love for each other.

See Melissa's Story on Marie's Blog.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Guest Blogger - Joann Scicutella

See Joann's "bio" on Marie's Blog.

It's not everyday you meet a man like Big Dan who touches your soul in such a way that you could never, ever forget him. Big Dan was a very kind and generous man with a great big heart. If you were fortunate enough to know him, you were very blessed.

Big Dan was the dad everyone wished they had and the friend you always hoped for. He worked hard, played hard and lived life to the fullest.

Although I had my own dad, who was a great man, Big Dan was like a father to me. Big Dan was a family man who loved and cherished his family immensely. He always had a big smile on his face when his children were around. He was a man who would be there for you no matter what time of day or night and of course, with a sense of humor, words of wisdom and willing to give you the shirt off his back if need be.

He was very light hearted and extremely funny. He was the only man I knew that would sit and talk to you for hours on end, and actually listen, as long as you buttered the rolls!!! LOL

You could talk to him about anything, he was always willing to help you. He had a unique way of helping others turn bad situations into good. He always helped me see the positive side of things and after talking with him I always felt better. He liked to see people happy.

For me he was the sunshine on a cloudy day - other than my dad he is the only man I knew who was so giving and caring to others. I guess that is why God made them friends.

Big Dan was a positive influence in my life, it was an honor to have such a great man. He was my friend and I will never forget him.

I learned a lot from Big Dan - here are a few things he taught me:

1. Everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day, but that was his holiday period.....

2. When working do it right the first time or don't do it at all.....

3. Don't ever ask others to do something you wouldn't do yourself.....

4. Don't ever mix business with pleasure, business is business.....

5. Always stay true to yourself.....

6. When at work don't ever say I don't know, cause I don't know don't work here.....

7. MY FAVORITE - The bus doesn't stop at 7-11 so why are you standing around.....

Love and Miss You Dan

Your Forever Friend,


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guest Blogger - Suzanne Caltabiano

Suzanne was at our front door when we moved into our house in Holbrook, NY. From that day on she was the 5th kid in our family!!! She followed all the rules of our house and was with us all the time. When Suzanne’s mom moved to Florida she came to live with us for a time while attending College. She respected our parents greatly and still lives by the advice we all received from them. She has 2 daughters and she frequently talks about teaching them things that our parents taught all of us.

See her story on Marie's Blog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guest Blogger - Johanette DoCabo

See Johanette's "bio" on Marie's Blog.

Well how do you write about a person who was perfect in my eyes? I describe him in my own words as someone who was caring, loving, a friend for life, and the list goes on. When I came into the Corbett family over 25 years ago I was treated as one of their children. How many friends can you say you have that have parents that let you call them “mom” and” dad.”?

There was one time when I came down the stairs and had an outfit on that I could tell by his look he did not approve of, he did not have to say a word, I turned around without saying a word and went back upstairs and changed when I came back down he grinned so I knew I was fine. Whenever there was a party at the Corbett house, dad knew I loved salami and pepperoni on a hero and there was always one made special just for me. There were many times when Dad took all of us on day trips, rented a van, and included family, friends, and boyfriends/girlfriends of everyone. I always felt extremely comfortable talking to and being around Dad, it was like truly having a second father.

Dad was the type of person when he was sitting in his spot on the couch you could come up next to him and cuddle. There are not any parents of my other friends that I could say I could do that with.

When dad got sick it was like watching my own father there. Even when he might not have been having a good day I could still go into his room and he would listen and some of the times I could get a smile on his face. When Marie called me in the middle of the night I cried like it was my dad leaving me.

There are so many wonderful times and memories that I will cherish forever. I hope that some of these memories I have of Dad Corbett can give everyone a better picture of what a wonderful man he truly was.

Johanette "Stretch" Moddle DoCabo

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guest Blogger - Regina Marsicano

Regina is family “technically” by marriage, but she is our sister of the heart for sure. Regina met our dad in 1987 when Marie and Joe started dating. Regina and Steve were great about attending all of our family functions and just spending time with our family. Regina’s oldest daughter Christina was our only niece or nephew who dad got to meet. Dad was already sick and bed bound when Christina was born but Regina made sure she brought her to meet him. He always loved kids and this was a great pick me up.

Check out Marie's Blog to read her story......

Guest Blogger Week

This week both Marie and I are turing our blogs over to "guest bloggers."

Each of the blogs will have the same theme - our father - Dan Corbett. We have chosen this week because naturally we are thinking a lot about him with the wedding coming up on Saturday. Unfortunately none of us had him at our weddings in body - but he was certainly there in spirit.

Most of our friends here in North Carolina have never had the pleasure of meeting this awesome man - but surely you have heard many, many stories about him.

We decided to ask some very special people in our lives to write about dad so you would all see how many peoples lives he touched. Here is what we are going to do. Each day you will have to look at both of our blogs - one of us will have a "bio" of sorts on the persons writing that we are publishing that day - and the other one of us will have the story they wrote.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we have enjoyed receiving the letters.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm thinkin'.....

That you may not hear from me too much this coming week. You see, I kinda have a busy weekend coming up. Today was our final practice ( for what you say? You'll have to wait and see), Amber and I just cleaned 120 glass tea light holders and stuffed them while giving her a dose of reality as we were watching the Natalie Holloway story on lifetime. Even in the hustle and bustle of the wedding, I had a long talk with her about drinking and how it can hinder your judgement and perception, talking to strangers, getting in a car with strangers, watching over your know how I role. It's never 'not a good time' to teach your children about safety. I was watching kids walking around in the Arboretum yesterday, and I was kids are going to hate me, because unless they have a destination with supervision, they will not be loitering anywhere. anytime soon. probably ever. Hate me. So be it. At least you will be alive to hate me.

How about my bridesmaid Regina made Robert a RED VELVET ARMADILLO CAKE for our pre-wedding party last night!!! I do love my peeps, let me tell you. We did our cake smashing last night. The feeling of cake shoved up your nose is kind of indescribable.

Music. I'm just letting everyone know in advance that due to my severe illness/addiction to music, I have hand picked every single song for the wedding, and burning every single cd myself. So if you don't like what you will.....

If you don't hear from me again this week, never say never, I'll be back. As Mrs. Gebhardt that is.......

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Don't Know

Colleen, what time is the cake getting to the hall? I don't know

Colleen, what time are the flowers getting to the hall? I don't know

Colleen, what time will the hall be set up? I don't know

Colleen, what time is your hair appointment? I don't know, ask my Maid of Honor

Colleen, did you tell ___, ____, and ____ about rehearsal dinner? Ummm...nope

Colleen, is Robert's whole family staying for the rehearsal dinner? I don't know

Colleen, did you get your marriage license? Negative

Colleen, you need to be at the hall be 2:15. Whatever for?

Colleen, did you get your make-up? In my mind I did

If my sister doesn't murder me before next Saturday, I will see you at the wedding!

Being 'chill' definitely has it's downfalls.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm not a girly girl....

But I am not ashamed to admit that I have a hard time relating to this....stuff....that.....comes along with

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is She For Real?

We went to my brother's for Easter this year. You have to understand that my brother is an amazing chef. I mean, fine dining chef. He just likes to do it at home, and prefers to work as a manager in the food industry, and has to 20 years I would say. So whenever he has a holiday, or any function at his house, he has enough food to feed a large army, not a small one. All amazingly delicious food. Today he served brunch. I really should have took pictures of the actual food he made, but I got so caught up in my sister reaching behind the couch, only to see her come out with about 7 Tupperware containers, a box of 100 freezer Ziploc bags, and saran wrap. She redefined the word 'Tacky' today, and she was so proud too. She wiped him out. I mean she took everything. Well, maybe not everything, but I think the part that tickles me the most is that she came with the intention of leaving with all of the food! And well prepared to do so! Look at her!!

He didn't even have a chance to offer it to her! She just started packing up like a rat that steals the cheese........

He had also bought her a statue of 2 giraffe's to go in her living room. He had decided he really liked it, so he never gave it to her, and he kept it. And he admitted the whole story to all of us. Sure enough, when she left, that statue was in her bag of goodies, and she called as soon as she pulled away to brag of her thievery!! As usual, another comedy filled day in one of the Corbett households!
May the Force be with you......this is why we are meant to be married.....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Lovely Date Night

Robert and I had a date tonight. We haven't had a date in quite some time. In two weeks from now, we will be at our wedding! WOW! 2 weeks! We are so excited. We just can't wait.

First of all, I want to say that anyone that lives here in Charlotte NEEDS to go to Senor Tequila Cantina Grill. Ever hear of it? You probably never have. I would say this is our most popular date spot. It is an authentic, cozy Mexican restaurant on Rea Rd. in the Piper Glen area, and it is just delicious. The restaurant is probably the same size as your living room, and that's okay, because the food is amazing! Please check it out, you will be so happy that you did.

We had the best conversations. It's really nice to be alone, with no distractions, except for a beautiful little boy that was at the table next to us. His father even playfully turned his highchair around, and was trying to give him to us! I would have taken's no secret that I absolutely love babies.

We talked about how we are praying for God to bless our marriage. We also pray that He blesses us with a baby. We discussed the bible, and Robert continues to amaze me with how he knows the book from front to back. He teaches me new things every day. We talked about our kids, and how important it is to us to raise them to know the Lord, for all that He is, all that He means to us, and all that He's done for us.

I am so thankful and humbled by all that the Lord has done in my life in the past 2 years. A life renewed. Better than I could have ever imagined...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

For working Mom's and more

I just love this book. The author is Kathi Appelt. I bought it for Amber when she went to 2 day 2's at Trinity Presbyterian preschool. Loved that school too. She was having a hard time going. Her teacher suggested this book. It was a great idea.

The book is versatile. You can either view it as a Mommy that is going to work, and just know that she thinks about you all day, and that Mommy always comes back. OR, you can see it as a child that is going to school, and even when they play, nap, and eat lunch, Mommy's love is always with them. I bought this book in 2000. I paid full price. I just saw it on line here for $5.28!

I encourage every working mother, and every Mommy whose child is struggling with preschool to get this book. You will absolutely love it!

Alex's picks this book (yes, I still have it) I would say 5 out of 7 times we read. Good stuff.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

17 Years Ago Today

One of the Greatest Men that ever walked the earth left his family to be with the Lord.

I vividly remember it, as if it were yesterday.

A year from today, will be 18 years. A year from today, my father will be gone as long as I knew him. This crushes my heart and cripples me. Technically I suppose that is the peak, and then it will seem like I didn't have much time with him at all as the years go by. I don't see it that way. There isn't a day in my life that I don't hear his voice, use his guidance, get lost in my memories, see a man that spoiled his wife and treated her like a princess, and use it as a model of how my daughter and I should be treated. See a man that put his family first in every single thing that he did. See a man that raised his girls to be independent, and never expect someone else to take care of them. I see a man that taught his children how to work for what they wanted. I see a man who paid me $4.00 an hour-not for the money, but to teach me responsibility. I see a man that taught me how to swim, ride a horse, ride a bike, and well....send me to driving school. I see a man who loved to love on his kids. Hugs and hugs and hugs and kisses galore. Holding hands. Taking Sunday afternoon naps. I could go on and on.

Sounds like a lifetime, doesn't it. It is a lifetime for me. He had no idea when he was 47 that he was going to die at 48, but you know what? He lived his life like everyday was his last. Not in a destructive way, but in a legacy way. Simply the Best as my mother always says....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And They're Off!

My children are heading to New York for Easter. A last minute trip. I'm disappointed, because my whole family is going to be at my brothers on Sunday. And they will miss church. And they will be gone for 4 days. Bummer all the way around! I suppose I will be able to get some errands and last minute finishing touches done without kids in tow. That's an up-side. I still hate having holidays without them. I did have them last year for Easter. Now I have to pack their bags, and make sure they have everything they may need. No. I don't leave this up to Daddy, nor does he think I would. I believe his words were....."I need the kids bags by Wednesday night". Probably should have went..."Can you please pack the kids bags for me?" Amber asked me if she would get a beach day. I told her she is forgetting what New York is like. Beach days are still far far away.

I am acknowledging that I have been a crappy blogger. Cut me some slack. I'm getting married in like...a few minutes for crying out loud.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why not?

Why am I not nervous? I have 19 days until my wedding day. I can think of a lot of words that describe how I'm feeling, but nervous isn't one of them. Why would I be nervous? I am getting ready to marry an awesome man, and become a wife for the first time. Happy, excited, secure, confident, thrilled, ecstatic...these are the words that come to mind.

Everything has been falling into place from the beginning, just because it's right.

No stress, no confusion, no financial woes, no second thoughts, no dress/flower/venue disasters, it all just nicely fell in to place. Again, because it's right.

It's just that simple.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Bachelorette Party!

I think not.

Not only am I 35 years old, I can think of several reasons to fore go the Bachelorette Party.

All of which are quite repulsive to me.

A veil from Party City-with colored condoms on it-worn out in public.

A sports cup made out of a plastic men's body part.

Strange intoxicated men thinking I am out to "sow my last Wild Oates".

Muscle men in speedos.

Hairy men in speedos.

Any man in speedos.

Need I say more? Robert and I have opted for a "couples party" instead. No Bachelor party either. I knew I loved that man. My loving sister sent out a personalized invitation to our closest friends for an intimate party. I don't have it in front of me, but I believe it reads something like this:

He's a little bit Country
She's a little bit Rock n' Roll
He's a little bit Green Acres
She's a little bit Soprano's

Together they make a great redneck/mafia couple!!

Please join us.........yadayadayada...

NICE! Thanks a lot my sista......

Friday, April 3, 2009


Alex has been coming home with some great Art Work. I just love it. I plan to frame them, and hang them in his room. Amber's are all in scrap books, which is where Alex's will eventually go. I need your help on defining one of his pieces of art. This is an interactive post, so even if you never usually leave comments, I need you to leave one today. Here we go. My pics are so light, the setting on my camera is off. After a few attempts to fix it, I decided to stop before it got smashed against the wall. Still working on that temper issue.

Clearly an Elephant. Even if it didn't say so.

Again, clearly bear paws.

Pretty cute clown-don't cha think?

I'll go with Lion, or tiger, something in the cat family-right?

Whattha?????? A few views.....I got nothing for this one, even though it should be the right one, because of where his name is. He said it's a giraffe, but I don't see it. I ask everyone that steps foot in this house. Still got nuthin'.

A duck with arms from the neck that was possibly raised near a nuclear plant?

A funky salt water fish?
Now it's your turn. If you can tell me what this is. I have a Starbucks gift card with your name on it.