Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Bachelorette Party!

I think not.

Not only am I 35 years old, I can think of several reasons to fore go the Bachelorette Party.

All of which are quite repulsive to me.

A veil from Party City-with colored condoms on it-worn out in public.

A sports cup made out of a plastic men's body part.

Strange intoxicated men thinking I am out to "sow my last Wild Oates".

Muscle men in speedos.

Hairy men in speedos.

Any man in speedos.

Need I say more? Robert and I have opted for a "couples party" instead. No Bachelor party either. I knew I loved that man. My loving sister sent out a personalized invitation to our closest friends for an intimate party. I don't have it in front of me, but I believe it reads something like this:

He's a little bit Country
She's a little bit Rock n' Roll
He's a little bit Green Acres
She's a little bit Soprano's

Together they make a great redneck/mafia couple!!

Please join us.........yadayadayada...

NICE! Thanks a lot my sista......

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