Thursday, April 9, 2009

For working Mom's and more

I just love this book. The author is Kathi Appelt. I bought it for Amber when she went to 2 day 2's at Trinity Presbyterian preschool. Loved that school too. She was having a hard time going. Her teacher suggested this book. It was a great idea.

The book is versatile. You can either view it as a Mommy that is going to work, and just know that she thinks about you all day, and that Mommy always comes back. OR, you can see it as a child that is going to school, and even when they play, nap, and eat lunch, Mommy's love is always with them. I bought this book in 2000. I paid full price. I just saw it on line here for $5.28!

I encourage every working mother, and every Mommy whose child is struggling with preschool to get this book. You will absolutely love it!

Alex's picks this book (yes, I still have it) I would say 5 out of 7 times we read. Good stuff.

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