Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guest Blogger - Johanette DoCabo

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Well how do you write about a person who was perfect in my eyes? I describe him in my own words as someone who was caring, loving, a friend for life, and the list goes on. When I came into the Corbett family over 25 years ago I was treated as one of their children. How many friends can you say you have that have parents that let you call them “mom” and” dad.”?

There was one time when I came down the stairs and had an outfit on that I could tell by his look he did not approve of, he did not have to say a word, I turned around without saying a word and went back upstairs and changed when I came back down he grinned so I knew I was fine. Whenever there was a party at the Corbett house, dad knew I loved salami and pepperoni on a hero and there was always one made special just for me. There were many times when Dad took all of us on day trips, rented a van, and included family, friends, and boyfriends/girlfriends of everyone. I always felt extremely comfortable talking to and being around Dad, it was like truly having a second father.

Dad was the type of person when he was sitting in his spot on the couch you could come up next to him and cuddle. There are not any parents of my other friends that I could say I could do that with.

When dad got sick it was like watching my own father there. Even when he might not have been having a good day I could still go into his room and he would listen and some of the times I could get a smile on his face. When Marie called me in the middle of the night I cried like it was my dad leaving me.

There are so many wonderful times and memories that I will cherish forever. I hope that some of these memories I have of Dad Corbett can give everyone a better picture of what a wonderful man he truly was.

Johanette "Stretch" Moddle DoCabo

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