Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friend Vs. Acquaintance

I notice that the word 'friend' is tossed around so lightly. I have over 200 'friends' on Facebook. Come on. I may know over 200 people, but they are not my friends. They are acquaintances that I've met over time through jobs, school, and church.

I definitely have some acquaintances that I wish were friends, but the fact is, they're not, and probably will never be.

I definitely have some acquaintances that I am fine with the fact that that is what they are, and that is what they will always be.

There are people who were friends at one time, but time, distance, or change of lifestyle has slowly changed them back to an acquaintance. But you still love them, and have fond memories of them. When you do see them, it's like no time has passed since the last time.

Your friends are the ones that are there for you. The ones that make time for you. The ones that put forth the effort that is needed to make a friendship work, and vice-verse. It takes 2 to make a friendship work. Being lazy in a friendship is bound to end up with dull results.

If someone is reaching out to you for friendship, don't be so quick to throw out the excuse 'I have enough friends. We come from different worlds. I don't know what we have in common'. If you don't try to find out, you will never know, and you could be passing up a great friendship opportunity. All of your friends don't have to fit a certain mold. One friend can be a great listener, one friend can be a great exercise partner, one friend can be the friend that will tell you like it is and speak truth in to your life. There are all different kinds of people in the world. Why not benefit from that? I think we have all done this at one time or another. I've never seen close mindedness reap wonderful rewards.

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Jim, Heather, Jordan & Madison said...

Wise and wonderful words of truth...I too have learned to refer to people as acquaintances rather than friends....Amie (on LI) taught me that lesson :)
Hope your week is going well...
xoxox H