Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Robert's birthday. The big 33. Yes, I am older than him. We always joke that I am a cougar. I never knew what that was, or even heard the term until I heard about it on the radio recently. 2 1/2 years definitley doesn't qualify as 'cougar' status, but we joke about it anyway. So because he teases me about it, I tease him back by making the grossest face possible and clawing and growling at him all at the same time. "'re sick.......stop.......that's gross" that's basically his response. Hey, if you can dish it out, you bedda be able to take it.

His parents drove here from Greensboro just to take their only son out to dinner. How cute is that? We went to Carrabba's. "The Johnny". You gotta try it. Delish. We pigged out. Wine, food, dessert, coffee.....PORKER. It's all good.

What did I get my husband? I was going to get him a new phone, but the fact is, he's just not into that stuff. Neither am I. So I decided to go another route, and since we haven't had so many opportunities to do fun things together (without the kids), I decided to get US 2 tickets to The Fray concert in June. 16th row. Opening show at the Uptown Ampitheatre. One of his favorite bands. Dinner at Maggiano's before that (a wedding gift that we will save until then), Just the two of us. Making memories. Having good times. SCORE FOR THE WIFEY!! He loved it!

Happy Birthday Baby!!

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