Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I am forbidden to return the shoes. My children and my husband went out together to get me my first Mother's Day gift as a family. That's just not the type of gift that you return. Poor me. I guess I will have to keep them.

Happy Mother's Day! I hope every one is having a great day! Our weekend was awesome. Yesterday morning I was woken up to a wonderful breakfast. Bacon, eggs, biscuits, juice and coffee with Robert, and all three of my kids. Then we had Amber's dance recital, which she did so well in, I was so proud to see her front and center. She looked so beautiful. We then we went to my sisters house for dinner and a late birthday cake for Robert. We had a really nice day. This morning we all got up and went to 8:30 service, I served at 10, and came home to an empty house. My family came home with some very nice gifts for me. A beautiful necklace and earring set from NY & co. Purple. A color I don't have!

Then I got these awesome sandals. I love them. They are beautiful. But they are going back. I love my families generosity, but they just went overboard! We can't afford all of this stuff!

This, I'm keeping. It's a new touch screen digital camera, with 30 minutes of video time as well. Sony Cybershot T900. Except mine is RED. Matches my phone. Too cool. I can't wait to read up on it, so I can start snapping away! This present by itself was more than enough. We still have a honeymoon in 6 weeks to save up for!

I hope everyone spent quality time with their beautiful children today! We went for a walk, stuck our feet in the pool, Alex rode his bike, and we zoomed matchbox cards up and down the hallway for a while. Good Times. Friday is Amber's birthday. This has been such an exciting time in our lives!!

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Marie Marsicano said...

You ABSOLUTELY made the right choice.

Tina's advice was perfect - the shoes are a symbol of your newly blended family.

Wear them in GOOD HEALTH as Nanny Connie would say!!!