Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pants with Pockets

You may or may not know that I don't like to let my kids go places. I would be more than happy if they never left my sight. Ever. I'm all about safety, and I always feel much more comfortable when I am physically there. That's just me. Amber is starting to leave the house. I have to make sure that every parent knows what Amber is not allowed to do, because every parent has different boundaries. She is not to be at a pool without an adult, at the mall, movies, carowinds, or playing further than the back yard without adult supervision. No home alone, no home with an older get it right? She knows the rules so well, that she will call me from wherever she is to ask me if she can or can not do something. Usually, the answer is no, and she takes it, with disappointment, but I'm glad she made the call. This happened today actually.

This brings me to pants with pockets. The biggest stipulation to Amber being able to go anywhere, is that she has pants with pockets on. Her cell phone needs to be in her pocket at all times, and be answered EVERY SINGLE TIME 'Ma' ( that's what she has in there for me, the little Italian New Yorker) appears on her caller ID.

Yeah today, not so much. No answer for 15+ minutes, and I had not talked to her since she left (I like a 'I'm here' call). PANIC. Call this one, call that one, call the Mom's cell, call the Dad's cell....I can't control whether or not the Mom/Dad answers the phone, but I can control whether or not Amber answers her phone. You don't answer, next time, you don't go. If I can't hear her voice at my disposal, I can't send her anywhere. I just can't do it. She had innocently put her phone down to play on the trampoline. That's all. I love having my kids in arms reach. I struggle with this big time. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for a post called 'The Drill'. If you think I'm nuts now with this stuff...just wait.

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Marie Marsicano said...

I guess it is safe to say that staying on top of our kids runs in the family...