Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Good Word

Pastor Perry Noble nailed it again. I could listen to him preach all day. Definitely my second favorite Pastor. He used an analogy that I will never forget. I have already repeated it to anyone that stands next to me long enough. Here it goes again.

He takes his 2 year old daughter to change her diaper, because she has 'dropped a bomb'. When he takes her diaper off, he doesn't put the diaper in her face and say 'see what you did?', instead, as her father, he cleans up her mess, and he gets rid of it. He puts it in a place where neither he, nor his child ever has to look at it again, or even think about it ever again. Then he takes her back downstairs, and moves on with her life.

This is what our heavenly Father did for us. He cleans up our messes, and gets rid of them. He doesn't hold onto them, or shove them in our face, He takes away our sins, and makes us new. He doesn't dwell on our past sins, and neither should we.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

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