Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The King of Pop

If you don't like Michael Jackson, that's okay. I do, and have for a very long time. As a child of the 80's, Michael Jackson was the Pop icon of my era. Everyone had the jacket, the glove, pins, posters, and tons of paraphernalia. I mean tons of it. This post is to focus on his accomplishments as a musician, and an artist. I love his songs. I have at least 20+ MJ/Jackson 5 songs on my IPOD. He's been in the spotlight since somewhere around 7 years old. The Jackson Five, and Michael Jackson as a solo artist have been inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has won 197 awards through out his career.
Major AwardsWins
American Music Awards
Billboard Awards
BRIT Awards
Golden Globe Awards
Grammy Awards
Guinness World Records
MTV Awards
NAACP Image Awards
RIAA Awards
World Music Awards
Major awards won197

You can say he sucks, but your wrong. The numbers speak for themselves. The Jackson 5 opened for the likes of The O'Jays, James Brown, Gladys Knight, and Diana Ross. R&B legends. They rocked Motown's world. His success as a solo artist speaks for itself as well.

Not to mention his moves that were mimicked across the entire world by millions of fans. He was quite the entertainer. I just did the Thriller dance at my wedding. I bought a DVD called 'Thrill the World' to learn the moves. Once a year, this group gathers people all over the world to learn and do the Thriller dance simultaneously to enter the Guinness Book World of records. I'm not sure how many artists out there have fans that are doing this. I can't think of any. As an artist, he is, and always will be the King of Pop. Simply stated.

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Lindsey Gallagher said...

Love it. He was the quintessential entertainer and performer. I thoroughly enjoy his music as well and for the record, that's amazing that you did Thriller at your wedding. Can Alex mimic any of his moves? :-) I kind of took some of the Thriller dance and put it into a Ghostbusters dance I did with the kids at school.