Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Play Date

Today I managed to combine a play date and a long awaited morning with my friend Lisa and her daughter. We had such a nice time. I got to hold her baby Thomas for a while. He's such a beautiful, big boy. He can pass for a 6 month old, and he's only 4. He takes after his Daddy. He is such a happy, chill, baby. I really enjoyed him. Alex and Arden play so well together, that Lisa and I were able to talk for 3 hours while they played and went swimming. We are making a commitment to do play dates at least once a month if not every two weeks. I'm pretty excited about that. Here are a couple of pictures from our day, and just so there is no mistake, Arden has a ring pop in her mouth, not a pacifier. She and Alex managed to charm the ring pop and an ice cream bar from the concession stand for free. Lisa went back and paid, but if anyone can scam something for free with their personalities, it's these two, for sure.


Marie Marsicano said...

They are adorable together.

How about you teach my nephew to carry the tube for his girl.... :)

Maricris Zen Mama said...

I agree. They're so adorable! Anyhoo, I'm happy to find your blog. I don't come across a lot of Charlotte bloggers {unless, I"m not looking in the right place} :)

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