Sunday, July 5, 2009


There is that pair of shoes, that are your most comfortable pair. Old reliable. You have had them for years. At times, you don't really appreciate the comfort, and even take it for granted. They get tossed on the back burner, never forgotten, but tossed on the back burner for maybe something new, or more exciting. Inevitably you realize that although they may not be new, shimmery and glamorous, they are reliable, and the best fit for you.

There is the pair that for whatever reason, you were drawn to. You had to have them. Maybe there was a high price to pay, but you didn't care. You wanted them, and push come to shove, you were going to get them. Turned out, their not all that comfortable. They hurt you. They even leave scars. You persist. You try to push through, but the blisters and scars keep coming. And they hurt. Eventually you accept reality after the high price was paid, and the scars are permanent. You walk away from them. Even if you go back once in a while, that fades, and they become a painful memory, and a wasteful investment.

There's that pair that only goes with certain things. Only the right place, only the right time, only the right crowd. Cute? Yes. A crowd pleaser? Sure. But with all of those boundaries and regulations, they really don't scratch the surface to become one of your favorites, or ones that hold too many memories. Kind of a 'serves it's purpose' type of shoe. But not a pair you hold near and dear.

If you're with me, I'm not talking about shoes. What am I talking about? Could be several things.

Financial decisions
Being real

Take your pic. Maybe the post means something completely different to you.

Maybe you thought this post was really about shoes. Bless your heart. I now know what it really means when a southern person says that to you thanks to this guy.

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Jill Gracie said...

I really like this post Colleen. I haven't read your blog in a while and it was a great one to start off with. I miss you!