Monday, August 31, 2009

Be Still

I am never still. You? Does anyone else desire to just become a vegetable for one whole day? If your a Mom, forget it. Never happen. Unless you fall of the radar temporarily. My husband has worked the past 4 nights. 7pm-7am. It's basically as if he is gone on a business trip. When he is home, he is asleep. If I saw the things he sees at work, I would sleep as much as I could too. Some of the stories are gruesome. By day 4, I am feeling like a single mother all over again. A quick recap from Thurs-present.

finish school supplies-work Friday Job #1 and job #2-Saturday girls day with Amber-Saturday night church-Sunday morning church-food shopping-Sunday night certification and testing at job #2-Monday 5 hour CPR and First Aid training at job #1 and Job #2.

This excludes cooking, cleanting ( a little Madea there for you), and tending to the kids.

Doesn't that make you need a nap just reading that? I have vowed not to leave the house tomorrow, and I know at minimum I have to go to the bank, and carpool. But other than that, I'm doing absolutely nothing!!! Pajama day it is!!

If there is anyone out there who uses there time wisely and has any advice on how to 'Be Still' more often, please share the wealth. Mama needs some R&R.


Marie Marsicano said...

I just got to work and now I am exhausted reading this!!!

There is no way around all of this - don't you wonder what you will do with all of your free time once the kids are in College???

Well I guess you are spaced out enough that when the baby goes to College you can baby-sit for Amber while she works!!!

Seriously - our house is the same way. Last night we were all outside shooting hoops and I realized that the week of 9/14 starts all activities and we will be running like crazy at least 3 nights a week and on Saturday mornings.... It helped me enjoy all of us playing together even more.

badeconomywaitress said...

If it makes it worth it, your kids will someday realize how amazing you are. I don't have a single memory of my mother sitting down on the couch or not working or taking us somewhere and running errands in between dance and soccer. As a twenty one year old non-student, all the days I spend in bed watching tv make me wonder if I will ever be able to do it like she did. I suppose it comes with motherhood, but it's always hard to live up to the way we remember our moms. I have plenty of memories of dad sleeping in on sunday and taking "sick" days at work. I can't remember a time when my mom let on that she wasn't feeling well.

and when your kids are twenty one and sitting on their couch being completely lazy and procrastinating, they are gonna think back on you and think "damn? howd mom do it? she is pretty freakin amazing!"