Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Official...We Are Racing

I am probably the only mother that is at ease with my sons sport of choice. Racing. He loves cars, cars, and more cars. I didn't know he would start this young, but he is more than ready. He can get on the track and race at 5, so Alex just recently put him in the Go-Kart to get the fundamentals down so he would be more than ready by the time he actually hits the track. Both Alex and Papa raced Go-Karts throughout their lives. They know how to keep him safe, and teach him well. The Go-Kart that Alex has will be perfect for him to start on the track at age 5. I believe it goes 40 mph. Alex made modifications to the pedals and the speed so at this time Alex can max out at about 7-10 mph. As he grows and learns, adjustments will be made to suit him and his skills. Right now he is working with him in an empty parking lot. His turns are strong, and he can change direction with simple instruction. On day 1, he crashed 2 times. That was all he needed to realize he can't just nail it and be reckless. I'm glad I didn't take the invitation to stay and watch that day. About 8 minutes after I dropped him off, I got this phone call. "Mommy, It's a good thing you left today" (from his Dad). He wasn't shaken, and got right back in the Kart. That's a good sign that he really is determined to do this. Here are a few pics. I may post a video eventually, but the Kart is really LOUD.

In front of Papa's car, getting ready for his debut.
Racing in style. Thank you Papa for the suit, the helmet, and the Go-Kart.
Yes, this is a full size helmet, but it is all custom made to fit his head on the inside. We are looking for a smaller one.
Getting his instruction from Daddy.
There he goes. He's doing laps. When he starts to race, he will not be doing laps. He will be on a track with turns and all different directions. Not.....turn left, turn left, turn left......also, he will eventually move up to a Kart that he has to switch gears manually.
Taking a break and getting some air.
Every single day he asks me if he can drive his go kart. every. single. day. I hope he gets to live out his dream for years to come.

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