Monday, August 3, 2009

Our First Baby Gift

I was at work Friday night. I had an older couple that I was taking care of. I generally don't chat with my guests. I make sure they have what they need, anticipate what they will need, and let them enjoy their meal and their company. Translation: I don't care for a chatty server when I go out to eat.

I wasn't busy, and they were very sweet and inviting. It all Started with the red velvet cheesecake. Somehow that brought me to saying how I just got married, and how my husband is southern, and I am not. I got the usual: 'Your not southern? I would have never guessed that.' Ha ha.

I was telling them how he was pushing for the red velvet wedding cake, and I compromised with the anniversary tier that we will eat on our first anniversary. They kind of chuckled when I told them I was married for 3 months. I guess when your married for 30 years, 3 months can sound funny to you.

I then told them I was pregnant. By now, I was sitting down beside them, and I also shared with them that as a joke my sister-in-law made Robert a red velvet armadillo cake at our couples party. They laughed hard at that one. She asked me when the baby was due, and she was genuinely so excited for me. A perfect stranger. It was so sweet. I love old people.

When their meal was over, the woman handed me money that was crumbled up in her hand, and told me it was a baby gift. I thanked them, and I walked away. When I opened it up, it was $40.00. I went back, and I hugged them both so tight. I was surprised to open the check presenter to then see a 25% tip on top of that.

They told me that that night was their 27th anniversary, and that I made it so special to hear a story of young love, a young marriage, and a baby.

I had to go sit down and cry for a minute. That touched me so much. Robert was so humbled by their kindness and generosity. He's still talking about it. It's not about the money. It's about the kindness of a stranger. You never know who you are speaking to, and what kind of impact you are making on their life at that moment. What an encouraging message to represent yourself as the best person you can be at all times.


Marie Marsicano said...

I am crying too. What a kind and sweet gesture.

It brings back a great memory and story I tell all the time. When I was working in Hops and pregnant with Joseph there was a couple there for date night and they were sharing a filet mignon and just happy to be out together. We started talking and I was visably pregnant so I was telling them about Danielle and how this baby was going to be a boy etc... They were such a wonderful couple.

When they left they left a very generous tip on the table and a note on a beverage napkin that said "God bless you and your baby"

I still have that napkin in Joseph's keepsake box...

Kindness from strangers is one of the most touching things in this world.

Stephanie said...

Very sweet!