Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Short Stature

My baby. He's little. This is something that we have been monitoring for close to a year now. He has been to a specialist, had blood work, (that wasn't fun) and is monitored every 4 months to check his growth.

This is not a vanity issue. We just wanted to make sure that he was growing properly, and he is just short. Both sides of our families are not very tall. Alex is the tallest Delemo ( literally, cousins, uncles, I mean out of everyone) at 5'11". Look at me. I'm a whopping 5'...... nothing.

The specialist had us take him for an x-ray to check his 'bone age'. Alex is 3 years 7 months old, and his bone age is 2 years 8 months old. Pretty much exactly where they thought he would be, and is considered in the normal range. All they will do right now is monitor him, and things like hormones wouldn't come until later in life, which I would forgo. God made him the way he is, and I am not going to mess with that.

According to his dad, being short is absolutely perfect for him to be a race car driver.

I personally know quite a few wonderful short men (including my husband) that their lack of height hasn't hindered them in any way. Of course as a mother, it makes me sad when I hear Alex say he's small.

My son is HUGE in so many ways. His personality. His smile. His vocabulary. His ability to express his emotions and his love for others. His zest for life.

I wouldn't have my small fry any other way.

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Marie Marsicano said...

My nephew is big is so many things that are more important than height.

Here is my list:

He gives BIG HUGS

He has BIG faith and truly values and loves Jesus

He gives BIG laughs

He makes everyone around him smile BIG just by looking at him

He has a BIG mouth and talks more than Little Joe - such a sweet payback for me....