Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Touch

A touch. Such a powerful thing. It can come in all different ways, but the results can be equally profound.

God designed me to have hands and skin just like my fathers. Soft, smooth, and squishy. You can blame it on genetics, but that's not what it is at all. I'll tell you why.

God specifically chose me out of 4 children to carry this particular trait so that my mother would have access to it long after my father left us. He chose me for a very good reason. I am her most loving child. I am by far the most 'touchy' child that she has. I am forever kissing, hugging, and touching the people that I love.

This past Tuesday I spent the day with my mother. I guess I was holding her arm, or I grabbed her hand, whatever it was, and she tells me that I send a rush through her body every time I touch her because for a split second, she thinks it's my father. A bit later we were walking side by side and I grabbed her hand. She told me that she was going to close her eyes, and imagine that she was walking, and holding hands with my Dad.

I am so glad that I can fill that void for her, even for a split second, or for even longer to bring back some of her fondest memories. A Touch. Such a powerful thing.

This weekend, she came my to church for the first time with my sister Marie. Marie has been asking her for a while, and she finally said yes. She was touched once again.

The passage chosen for this particular sermon was from the book of Daniel.

My father's name is Daniel.

My pastor said these exact words....'Even if you prayed to God to heal your husbands cancer, and he didn't....."

My Dad passed away from cancer.

My Mom prayed for the Lord to restore her faith this weekend. God knew she would, and knew she needed to be at this particular service. He set her up, and she took the bait. He can be pretty persuasive when He wants to be. She now says she will be attending church weekly.

A Touch. Such a simple thing. How amazing it can be.


Jim, Heather, Jordan & Madison said...

I love this about you and about your mom. I saw Marie and I thought it was your mom, but for whatever reason I thought she had always gone to Elevation too. Silly me. What a perfect message and wonderful night to celebrate with her and her renewed faith. Praise God!

Marie Marsicano said...

You are definately our lovable sibling. The mush!!!

What an amazing weekend this was.

Stephanie said...

Wow! That is so great! Pastor mentioned that but I didn't know that you were personally connected to the story. So glad that it touched you. :) Hope to meet her.

Lisa said...

goose bumps!! Praise God!