Monday, November 30, 2009

2 Jobs, 2 Kids, and One on the Way?

I have been asked countless times how I do it all. I think secretly, it's 'how do you do it at your age'. At least for some people anyway. I thought I should put it in perspective.

Age is just a number. It's a state of mind. I never can I do this all at almost 36 years old. I don't use it as a crutch either.

I feel great. Other than the extra weight, things are going amazing. I'm not sick, I'm tired sometimes more than others, but other than that, I just feel...well....porky.

I do work 2 jobs, however, the 2 jobs add up to between 30-40 hours a week. So it's not like I'm working 60 hours a week.

I do what I do for strategic reasons. I do not want to work a 9-5 because I have small kids. Been there, done that, and I didn't like it. With these 2 jobs, I drive and pick my daughter up from school. I go to and from school with my son, and see him in the halls throughout the day. I work both jobs on the same days, so I have 3 days a week off from both jobs. 2 of those days are during the week-open for doctors appointments, parent/teacher conferences...etc. The days I work at night, are the days the kids go to their dads house, so it doesn't take away from my time with them. I have a 3 hour break in between to rest, eat, see my husband....etc.

Job #2 is flexible. If I'm tired or I don't feel well, it takes about 5 minutes and a few phone calls, and I don't have to go. This is like a golden ticket for me.

Job #1 has a sub list a mile long, so the same goes for that job as well. What better place to work than with preschoolers through the holidays?

I have a very helpful husband that cooks, cleans, does laundry, takes care of the dog, and encourages me to stay home at night if need be. (especially if he is home)

I am still very active with my kids, and hope to be all the way through.

Will I stop eventually? Just to stop? Probably not. I worked until the day before I gave birth with Amber. I felt great. I was a stay at home mother with Alex, and felt worse with him than I did with her. Sciatica. Worst. Thing. Ever. Work does me good. I'm meant to do it. It's in the blood.

So to answer the question-I'M A CHAMP! I CAN DO IT ALL! I'm not a sit around kinda girl! Unless, of course, that's what the doctor orders.


Jim, Heather, Jordan and Madison said...

First of all - I LOVE the new layout!!! Second of all, you are superwoman!! xoxox

Destiny Awaits Fate said...

You are great inspiration! Sounds odd, but I look up to you often. The way you think and act amazes me :)

Jill Gracie said...

You ARE a champ! You've been on my heart lately, I hope that all is well with you and I miss you! xoxox