Sunday, November 8, 2009

Strangest Halloween Goody

Alex went trick-or-treating with his Dad during the day on Halloween. Apparently neither one of us knew there is a 6pm-8pm rule in the south. So I think my son may have caught someone off guard. This is what was in his bag when he got home. HILARIOUS! I think this poor woman looked at my sons cute face and went in her pantry, and this is what she came out with. The bottom of the bag was full of crumbs too. They went in the garbage-of course. But we all got a good laugh.


Don said...


Gotta love southern hospitality.

Kristy said...

Lol, That is funny. I think the only Trick or Treating at night is a weird rule. NY we did it as soon as we got home from school, and into the night. Since next yr Halloween is on the weekend we're taking the kids to NY for some real fun :)