Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Recap

I started the year planning my wedding.

We were married April 25th,2009.

I married a man who has a personal relationship with God, and has taught me so much about the bible, and helped me with my walk with God.

June 2009, we go to Charleston for a summer time honeymoon. Little did we know until the next month, we were given a honeymoon baby.

July 2009, found out our prayer was answered after only 2 short months of marriage-we are pregnant!!

August 2009, I get a job teaching 2 year old children at the same preschool that my daughter attended many years ago. This is what I love to do! Work with children!

My son goes to work with me, and comes home with me. I am blessed to be able to spend so much quality time with him, and still work.

Amber starts middle school that same month, and at this point is looking me in the eye!!

Amber is in band, and drama! How exciting!

We had wonderful holiday's with both sides of our families.

2010 will be just as amazing as we meet our daughter Bella, and she completes our family of 6 in March!

I hope you had an amazing year!

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Holly Furtick said...

Great to catch up on your blog tonight! Sounds like you guys are doing well! Hope to see you baby bump before you lose it! Holly