Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Time

I took a bunch of pictures of our tree, but photos never do a Christmas Tree any justice. was the night before Thanksgiving. Robert and I were having a 'date' night....we were relaxed, lovin' life, and we went for our tree. It was a beautiful night, and when you are out there with all of those beautiful seem to forget where you live, and how much space you have. We brought home this monster. Once we got it in the house, we were like...what are we going to do with it? We have the height, but not the width-not with ease anyway. We put a couch in Amber's room, shuffled things around a bit, and found a home for this huge, beautiful tree. We love it!

This is real too. Robert decorated it, it came plain, and was just as beautiful with nothing on it.

We are packed out in the space that we have!

Gotta have the misfits, Santa, and Rudolph! These have been Amber's since she was small. They graduated from her room to the living room this year. I guess she has out grown them.

I'm not sure if you can really tell how big it is. Like I said, pictures of Christmas Trees just don't cut it.

Lit up!

Belly shot! Well, my Mom is holding it, but you get the picture!

The story behind Tink:
Every year, my Mom buys ornaments for the kids. I think it varies who gets them, depending on what she finds. She is very particular, and puts a lot of thought into it. They are themed based on the child...very awesome and thoughtful. Amber got this Tink about 4 years ago.
And the year after that.
And the year after that.
And the year after that.
For whatever reason, this poor ornament is the one to 'take one for the team every year'. Her bell is green glass, and it's very delicate. This ornament was $10. It has now cost my mother $40 in 4 years. She really wants Amber to have it, and it's really so beautiful. I wish you could see it better. She said she won't buy it again. I doubt that, but I hope she doesn't have to.

My man. I do love him. He's a pain in the butt, but I love him.


Marie Marsicano said...

I must expand the ornament story. I am ALWAYS with my mom when she buys the ornament, why you might ask, well because this particular ornament is EXCLUSIVE to Disney World and the shops there.

So to get a true value of the ornament you would need to add in resort pricing, park tickets, transportation to Florida etc....

However the quest for Nana to find it in Disney World and the reaction when she finally does is PRICELESS.

Our mother takes great pride in things like this that she picks out for the kids and I know each one of them treasures the small things like this that she does.

Marie Marsicano said...

This tree is BEAUTIFUL - we got to see it up close for Alex's Birthday party. It is big for the space but absolutely GORGEOUS - and festive!!!