Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pizza Prayer

Thank You Lord, for authentic Pizza.
Thank you Lord for strategically placing it within my reach.
Thank you Lord for pizza that is bigger than bite size, doesn't have cheese in the crust, and is made by a guy named 'Howie', or served at the same place that they serve Burritos.

Thank you for a little touch of home on the box.

Thank you for an 8 slice 'pie', and when I order a pie, they know I mean pizza.
Thank you for Sicilian pizza, especially the 'grandma' Sicilian pizza. My favorite.

Thank you for dough stuffed full of cheese, otherwise known as a calzone. Not a pizzone, a calzone. Oh how I love globs of hot melted cheese.

Thank you Lord for Brooklyn Pizza on the corner of Colony and Rea road.

P.S. Please forgive those who dip their pizza in garlic dip, or any dip, but the biggest sin of all...ranch dressing.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shower #3

Shower #3. Wow. My sister out did herself once again. Everything was amazing. This was my family shower. Everyone isn't technically family, but they are all my family as far as I'm concerned. They have been with me through the good times, and the bad. They know me best. They know how much my marriage and this baby means to me. So as fancy and as beautiful and as amazing this shower was, the most important part was who I shared it with. My entourage. I couldn't pick a few photos, so enjoy the slide show. Thank you Marie. Hats off to you, once again for yet another amazing party. I know you love making memories in your home.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shower #2

Last night, my friends from work had a shower for me. We had so much fun. Again, everything was beautiful! We did a few fun activities, and got to sit and chat about things other than work. Bella once again got so many beautiful presents. We are so lucky to have so many people that love us! The food was great. Pigs in blankets, shrimp cocktail, Swedish meatballs, spinach dip, fondue with fruits and cake....I went home stuffed for sure. One of the activities was that she froze a pacifier, and everyone had to guess what time it would drop. No one won that dropped much later than everyone anticipated.

This was so much fun. Everyone got to decorate a onesie for Bella. They are too cute. Creative, and funny...for sure.

Everyone got to cut a piece of yarn, that they thought would fit perfectly around my belly.
Some were waaaaay off....

And some were just right!

What an awesome night with friends. This pregnancy has been amazing in so many ways. And yes, I know the dress isn't exactly flattering, but I am beyond wearing anything that squeezes my waist or falls down constantly. It is what it is, and it's pretty big.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shower #1

Speechless. When my co-teacher Erin told me she was going to have a baby shower for me at school, I never imagined or expected it to be so beautiful. It was in the parlor of the church. Everything was set up so nicely, the food was delicious, and the company was great, as always. Bella got some really awesome gifts. Having a girl is so much fun! I kind of ruined the pictures of opening the presents, because I held everything in front of my face. (duh). But here are some pics of the afternoon. Again, I'm so grateful and humbled by all of the effort and generosity that went into this shower. I am so blessed to know these ladies!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What would you do if........

you went to wake your beautiful daughter for school, and this is what you found?

She has cellulitis. Robert said that when she woke up, so he took her to the doctor, and sure enough, that's what it is. This is something that can actually get very serious, but she started antibiotics within hours, so I think she will be just fine. It was kind of scary to walk in her room, and find this! Never a dull moment around here. It looks much better than this, she can open her eye now. I keep asking her to put her arm in the air and yell 'ADRIENNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!' but she won't, and she has no idea what I'm talking about. Party pooper.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Date Night In

I have been working less at night lately. This has opened the door for Robert and I to have something we don't get much of....alone time. As much as I love to get dressed and go out, I can appreciate just the same having an awesome meal at home, in comfy clothes, with just my husband, for 1/4 of the cost. Imagine Robert's surprise when he came out of the room to a candle lit dinner for 2, right in the comfort of his own home. I didn't tell him about it, I just did it. He would have been happy with a grilled cheese sandwich, (thank you Lord for a simple man) but he was so thankful, and grateful for the extra effort I put in. We enjoyed the meal, and the time together. He has said this week that he wants to start a website called, so I'm thinking I'm doing a pretty good job at this wife thing.

Spinach Salad with goat cheese crumbles, strawberries, candied pecans, and poppy seed dressing.
Sea Scallops in Vermouth Sauce, steamed broccoli, and dill weed garlic bread.

Table for 2. (Yes, I moved the laundry basket).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Updates on Us

I'm not sure where the time is going, but I'm back. Most of my time has been focused on my family, and getting ready for the baby. What's better than that! I'm going to do some updates:

Robert: LOVES to feel the baby move. Can't get enough of it. He asks me constantly if she is moving. So cute. We've got some furniture to shift around before the baby comes, so he is going to work on that this week. He's doing great. He's at the store with Alex getting breakfast so he can cook for us. Love that man.

Me: I feel pretty good. Some back aches here and there, but no swelling, no retaining water...none of that yucky stuff. Bella weighs around 5 pounds, and I weigh....YEAH RIGHT!! Let's just say I should be under the 40 pound weight gain mark, and I'm happy with that. I'm having a baby!! Who cares!!! Still working job #1 and job #2, just not job #2 quite as much. I have about 6 weeks left to carry Bella in my belly, and then I get to carry her in my arms!

Taylor: Broke his arm playing basketball....the hand he writes with. This is a challenge. Going through some teenage boy growing pains, but he will get through them. I fall more in love with my husband as he sits on the phone with his son for 45 minutes and reminds him of how great he is and how many people love him and he can come and talk to us at anytime, and tell his 15 year old how much he loves him. A lot of father/son relationships don't have that.

Amber: School is going great, getting ready for her first dance competition in March, so lots of Saturday practices this month. Went to the doctor for some skin issues, and got some meds so that is already clearing up-thank God-this was a big worry for her. Next on to the ENT doctor...I'll get to that another time. Friends and peers are good-I haven't wanted to go up to the school and hurt anyone, so things are great!

Alex: Preschool is awesome-getting ready to sign him up for 5 day fours next year. Growth specialist was very happy with his growth this visit, so he will just continue to monitor him. Almost walked out of the eye doctor with glasses, but he decided to give him 3 months, and look at his eyes again in May. He is significantly more far sighted in his right eye than in his left, and it may need to be corrected. We shall see. LOVED sledding in the snow with Robert. I'm not sure what was funnier, watching him, or watching my husband!!!

Bella: Moving around like a mad woman! We have been so blessed by our friends with all of the items that have been given to us for her thus far. That's a whole different post. I have never had an early baby, so I am guessing she will stay put until her time comes in March. I had a dream that she had a lot of dark hair, but her eyes were closed. She was so tiny. I can't wait to meet her. Our genes are so drastically different, so I am curious to see what she looks like! Dark hair, dark skin, and blue eyes maybe?

As you can see, we have been a busy family. I think that's a great thing. I feel like I live at the doctors office between me and the kids, but that's my job right? We are going through an amazing season of our lives. We are so blessed. God is so good.