Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shower #3

Shower #3. Wow. My sister out did herself once again. Everything was amazing. This was my family shower. Everyone isn't technically family, but they are all my family as far as I'm concerned. They have been with me through the good times, and the bad. They know me best. They know how much my marriage and this baby means to me. So as fancy and as beautiful and as amazing this shower was, the most important part was who I shared it with. My entourage. I couldn't pick a few photos, so enjoy the slide show. Thank you Marie. Hats off to you, once again for yet another amazing party. I know you love making memories in your home.

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Jim, Heather, Jordan and Madison said...

Col - Thank you again for having Madison and I at the shower. Many thanks to Marie too, who I know will see this for making us both feel so welcome - and truly like family. You are so beautiful and have come so far, in the little time I have known you. Sooooo looking forward to Bella's arrival and to the blessings that she will bring to you and yours!
Much love,