Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pizza Prayer

Thank You Lord, for authentic Pizza.
Thank you Lord for strategically placing it within my reach.
Thank you Lord for pizza that is bigger than bite size, doesn't have cheese in the crust, and is made by a guy named 'Howie', or served at the same place that they serve Burritos.

Thank you for a little touch of home on the box.

Thank you for an 8 slice 'pie', and when I order a pie, they know I mean pizza.
Thank you for Sicilian pizza, especially the 'grandma' Sicilian pizza. My favorite.

Thank you for dough stuffed full of cheese, otherwise known as a calzone. Not a pizzone, a calzone. Oh how I love globs of hot melted cheese.

Thank you Lord for Brooklyn Pizza on the corner of Colony and Rea road.

P.S. Please forgive those who dip their pizza in garlic dip, or any dip, but the biggest sin of all...ranch dressing.


Kristy said...

Sooo True!! I will never understand the ranch dressing thing.... Gross!!!!

Erin said...

We just got that very order last night! Love, love, love that place! Mmmm, Nonna's Pie. :)

Marie Marsicano said...

Amen, Amen, Amen!!! Love Brooklyn Pizza...they have been up in Huntersville for years now. Good, homestyle, NY PIZZA.