Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day

We are Irish. My dad was all Irish. Pale, light eyes, and when he was young, that strawberry blond hair. He loved for all of us to be festive for the holiday. My Mom still wears her green every year. Amber went all out this year. They took a picture of her for the yearbook. She looked so cute.

I always pick the St. Patrick's Day party at school. Snack and drinks. Anyone who has preschoolers, enjoy homemade treats while you can, because once they hit elementary school, snacks have to be store bought only. This is what I did for Alex's class this year.

Funfetti cupcakes with green icing and sprinkles.

Bottled water featuring Spongebob with a drop of green food coloring.

It was a hit. The kids loved it! Except for Alex, because he wasn't there!!! Remember!!!! He went away and I had volunteered for the party back in September! How was I to know!

But guess who just got home? He didn't make it. He did good considering he has never been anywhere without at least one of his parents. I'm so glad to have him back! It's terrible to hear your little man pleading with you to come get him! Dad met Papa half way, and he's home sweet home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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