Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Ideas Part II-Goo

This stuff is great for so many reasons. Water and cornstarch. That's it. Slowly add the water, and stir. Don't over pour. This stuff is so cool. It's wet, but it's dry, it's hard, but it's soft. It's liquid, but it's solid. It looks like a terrible mess, but it's not. If your kids drip it through the house, just let it dry, and vacuum, or sweep. It's like dust. If the kids stood away and let their hands dry, it would turn into chalk. Most importantly, the kids LOVE it!!!! Even the big kids! It's hard to explain, you just have to try it!

I walked past Amber's room, and this is what I found.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miss "Ness"

That's one of Bella's nicknames. Quite honestly, my kids were calling her Miss fatness, and I told them they are not allowed to call her fat, so she is otherwise known as Miss "Ness". Anyway, she had her 4 month check-up today. She's doing great! Her stats: 25 inches long-80%, 95% head circumference, and when he went to chart her weight....well.....she put the chart to shame. Bella weighs 16lbs 12 ounces. Which makes me giggle because Amber weighed 20 lbs at 1 year old! She's rolling over from back to belly, and belly to back, she's razzing, squealing and laughing, smiling and cooing, holding her head up great and she's right where she needs to be. She got 2 shots today, and did awesome. She is very sleepy tonight, as you can see. We are so in love with her and so blessed to have her!! Happy 4 months baby girl!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last week, we went to the beach. Amber had Nationals with the dance studio, and we made it into a family vacation. We had a great time. Bella was awesome. She made it through dance, the beach, and the pool with little to no issues. She can hang with the best of them. Robert spent hours in the ocean with Taylor. My sister and her family were there, and a family that we grew up with. We did breakfast together, dinners together, we had so much fun that when it was over, I cried. It took me two days to perk back up. Big Al (Amber and Alex's grandfather) was there, and we spent a day with him on the beach too. It's hard to say goodbye to people you love. My only regret is that I didn't take more pictures. I am going to have to get some from my Mom and sister. Here are just a few pics of what was for me a slice of heaven.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's in a Name?

Have you ever really thought about the fact that you are in control of giving someone the name that will be with them for the rest of their life? That's a pretty big responsibility. I grew up in the north, and I am raising my kids in the south. Let me tell you-what a difference. I went to school with Tommy, Ralphie, Jason, Jimmy, Michael, Kristine, Michelle, Tricia, Giovanna, friends children's names are Julianna, Angelina, Kara, Morgan, Ryan, Anthony, get the picture.

Working at the preschool, I have heard the most unique names in my life. A lot of little girls have maiden names as their middle names here. Wilson, Fletcher, Slate, etc. I know a lot of little girls that have 2 first names. Mary Morgan, Sarah Emily, Selby Kate...etc. Lots of bold biblical names. A few other names that could get a boy beat up one day. It makes me hope that my kids grow up to love their names, and are proud to say them out loud. Here's a small explanation of each:

Taylor Storm-I obviously didn't name him, but I know for a fact he thinks he has the greatest middle name ever. However, he does have his moments when he wishes he was named after Robert.

Amber Michelle-First name-no meaning other than the fact that it took 9 months for us to agree on a name. Michelle is after Alex's Uncle Mike.

Alexander John-This was non negotiable. Something Alex has wanted since the day he was old enough to even think about having kids. To have a son, and for him to be the third. Luckily, I really like the name-so that was no problem.

BellaMay Rose-BellaMay-Robert's grandmother's name was MayBelle, so we flipped it. Rose is my mother's name.

I am the only one of 4 kids who doesn't have a family name. It used to bother me, but it's really not a big deal. Hopefully Amber will feel the same.

Big responsibility-naming someone. Hey-at least I did better than Apple, or Knoxx.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Their Own Time to Shine

As I walk around with my kids in tow, I can't tell you how often people are shocked by their age range. Most women want to have their babies, and be done with it. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. My mother had 4 kids in 5 years. God bless her. I am just not built for all of that chaos. I would be in a room with rubber walls by now. I think most women are secretly thinking when they see me....Is she nuts? A 12 year old and a new born? I think people even thought that when there was 7 1/2 years between Alex and Amber. I know, I know, I will have a child in my house for a loooong time coming. I'm fine with that. I'm not looking for the age of 18 when I can push them out the door. I hope they all stay with me until they get married. As long as they get married by a reasonable age, that is. I love the gaps between my kids. They all have their own individual time to be the star of the show.

Amber was an only child for 7 1/2 years. We did so many things together. By the time she was 2, She had been to every show on ice, Disney World, The circus, Gymboree, Kinder music, dance class-you name it-we did it. We went to preschool together. She attended, I worked there. She got sooooo much one on one time with me. It was completely over done. Hey-I was 24 and a new mother. No, I did not make the same choices for my son. This was all way too excessive, and to this day she is pretty high maintenance when it comes to keeping busy and entertained. But I wouldn't change our life together. I only wish she remembered even half of it.

Alex-His time to shine has been while Amber is at school. Much more low key-he is a different child. He can't keep still for a half hour T.V. show-never mind a circus, or on line at Disney. So we share our special time together differently. We race matchbox cars down the hallway. We play Guess Who? We go on lunch dates. We go to the park. We swim. We play spy, and karate. We make playdough. We too go to preschool together, and come home together (at the same school! He had Amber's 3's teachers this year!) We go on bike rides. We race to the car, and he tells me: "Mom, only boys win races, not girls!!" He may not remember all of the details, but he will remember how much time we spent together-Mother and son.

Bella-Bella is my "li'l Mama". Right now we snuggle in the evenings, and in the early mornings. But if your following the pattern here, As I am dropping my son off for his first day of kindergarten (not this year, next year), I will hug and kiss my big boy, drop my big girl off at her last year of middle school, and my baby and I will head off to preschool-together-at the same school, and it will be her "Own Time to Shine".

To each is own, and there is no right or wrong way, but the way I was given my children was especially tailored for me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love it-The series

I did a summer series, without planning it. So I decided to do a "Love it" series. Here's post #1.

A summer purse. This one is made by Coach. I don't know if you can consider it a wrislet, because it's bigger than your average wristlet, but it's a perfect, perfect summer bag. The truth is, it's my 12 year old daughter's, but I have kidnapped it. It was her Easter gift from her grandfather. It looks so cute with just about anything. In this what appears to be an itty bitty bag, is a small wallet (more like a credit card holder), my camera in the case, my phone, 2 lip glosses, personal items, a pen, and some mints. What else could you possibly need? It fits in your diaper bag, and easily pulls out when you are kid free. I "Love it!"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Speak Truth

We were leaving the house the other day to go to my brothers for a BBQ. It was the 4th, actually. There was a car stuck, blocking the exit at the gate. She directed us to the other gate. Apparently, their car was stuck. I knew this, because I had come home about a half hour before, and they were sitting there. I did wonder why no one had pushed the car out of the way, but then it left my mind until we passed it again. I kept driving. My husband said...maybe we should stop. I've worked on cars, I can probably help them. I blew it off. Well, I tried to. I justified my selfishness by saying "They've been there a while. I'm sure they have a plan. They are probably waiting for someone." I kept driving. He said it again..."I might be able to help them. We should just stop and see." I ignored his request, pulled out of our neighborhood, and I headed down the road. My husband said..."That was very ungodly".


I tried to turn it into a light hearted moment, and laugh it off. He stood firm. He said it again. "That was VERY ungodly". Completely rebuked. He did not crack so much as a grin either. I was clearly disappointing my husband, and he was making sure I knew I was disappointing God.

I am sure you can guess what happened next. I turned the car around to go see if he could help. He sat their quietly, while I did what I should have done in the first place.

I am so glad I have a husband that will speak truth into my life, even if it's not what I want to hear. I hope he is always so bold. I hope I can be the same way when I come face to face with a circumstance where I need to speak truth into someones life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Ideas for Children-Sensory Table

Once school is over, I think we all wonder what we are going to do all summer with our children. Alex went to 4 weeks of summer camp, Amber is at dance practice hard core getting ready for Nationals in Myrtle Beach. Alex also started swim lessons today. Tomorrow we start delivering Friendship Trays for the summer. It sounds like a lot, but I couldn't tell you how many times I hear "What are we doing today?"

I made my own sensory table for Alex. Being a preschool teacher, you learn so many great ideas to keep your kids busy and stimulated. Believe it or not, Amber enjoys it too. You can buy one, but they are a lot of money, and if you have a rubber maid and 2 chairs, and some beach toys, your good to go. I had water in ours since spring, but today I switched it over to rice. Yes, it's a little messy, but you can't leave all of the mess for the preschool teachers. :)

You can also do sand, shaving cream, and anything else you can think of that feels good between little fingers. Your children will LOVE it. If you can set it up somewhere covered, it's great for rainy days too. Or set it in the grass, and then there's no mess!!