Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, another busy week. I want to get here, I think about getting here, but to no avail. I have about 9 minutes to spare, so here it goes.

About 6 months ago, Amber went to her Dad and asked him why one of her eyes is higher than the other. Something I guess we never noticed. Or if we did, we just thought that God made her that way. She never said anything until now, as she is starting to care more about her appearance. Alex asked me to bring her to the pediatrician. I did. The side of her face that her cheek bone is lower, her nose also pulls a little to that side as well. He thought it was significant enough (he has also looked at her a million times) to send her to the ENT. I took her there, and we got x-rays. You can clearly see the higher cheek bone, and the curve in her nose. Also in the x-rays, you can see that she has a mass in her nose-sinus disease. He wants to treat it with a nasal steroid spray. Ok, fine. Then he referred us to a plastic surgeon. I was done there. Call it denial. My daughter is beautiful the way she is, and as long as both sides of her face keep growing, which they are, I wanted nothing to do with a plastic surgeon. Quite honestly, I would have never brought her. Alex knew this, so he took her. I didn't even go. Still-denial. The plastic surgeon said the sinus disease could grow, and cause sleep apnea, and other issues. The curve in her nose constricts her airways, which is why she always sleeps with her mouth open. He wants to straighten her nose this summer. This will open up her airways, and hopefully halt the sinus disease. He said her cheek bone is completely cosmetic, and a decision she could make on her own as an adult. fffeeeewwww.....He also said straightening her teeth will also play a big part in her healing. SO...braces, and surgery on her nose. all at 12 years old. Talk about a lot to take in. My baby girl is getting so big. That day of surgery will be one of the most scary days of my life.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anybody Home?

I'm still alive. I have been very, very busy. Getting the two kids ready to start the school year, getting a new class room set up, and planning curriculum for a 5 day class has been challenging.
A lot of other big things are going on in this house as well. I'm not going to go on and on in this post, just going to give a sneak peak into future posts.

Amber. Oh Amber. In a few words, for medical reasons, Amber needs a nose job. Probably next summer. Scared. To. Death. So is she. We try not to talk about it too much. More details to come.

After 2 failed eye tests, Alex needed glasses. So here he is. Just when you thought he couldn't get any cuter.

Bella-WOW. She has her 6 month check up on Tuesday, so I will let you in on all of her new "firsts" then. Here is a sneak peak at her Halloween costume. You have to see it on. So adorable!

These have been helping me through some rough mornings, and afternoons. Yes. Read it again. You did read it right. I just want to say THANK YOU to the handful of people that simply hugged me and said congratulations! without of the 'smart guy' remarks. We are a happily married couple and God continues to bless us in many, many, ways.

So, I am hoping to get back on track with my blog. Lots going on, just need to find the time!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Teenager's Prayer

My brother in-law gave this to Amber on a plaque. I loved it, and wanted to share.

Each day brings new beginnings
Decisions I must make
I am the only one to chose
The road that I will take

I can choose to take the road of life
That leads to great success
Or travel down the darkened road
That leads to great distress

Please open up my eyes, dear Lord
That I might clearly see
Help me stand for what is right
Bring out the best in me

Help me, Lord, to just say "no"
When temptation comes my way
That I might keep my body clean
And fit for life each day

When my teenage years are over
I know that I will see
That life is lived its very best
With You walking next to me