Saturday, November 20, 2010

21 days

21 days
504 hours
30,240 minutes

Losing a baby is sad enough, taking 21 days to lose a baby is..well...devestating.

A doctors appointment with no heartbeat.

A week of loss at home.

2 procedures. 1 surgery with anesthetics and meds, one with nothing at all.

2 hospital visits, 1 lasting 2 days.

2 days of fevers.

1 infection.

1 baby that we will not get to meet, know if it was a boy or girl, hold in our arms...until we meet in heaven.

1 God that was with us the entire time, and knows what is best for our family. 1 God that we never second guess.

1 husband who has been remarkable for 21 days who I love even more each day.

1 Mommy that for the first time in 17 months isn't either pregnant, recovering from pregnancy, or sick.

1 couple who's not sure if they will try again.

1 couple that is ready to close this chapter and move on to the next.