Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick kids

We have had a rough 2 weeks. Every child in this house is/was sick. Robert and I are hoping we are not next. First was Amber. She missed a whole week of school! Fever, cold, cough...a mess. I've never seen her sleep so much (and that girl loves to sleep!) . I think she even lost a few pounds because she had no desire to eat. I felt so bad for her. I babied her, and I think she really loved it! They're never too old for some Mommy/baby love.
Next was Alex. He was different because he has never experienced a fever before. He didn't know what was going on. Why am I freezing? Why am I sweating? Why am I shaking? Why do I feel like playing one minute, and going to bed the next? He is still home. He's been fever free for 48 hours, but his cough is throwing off his sleep. He is still not 100%.
Then there's Miss Bella. She is currently a hot mess. My clothes and I are covered with boogies, she's sneezing, coughing, laughing, crying, sleeping, restless, happy and miserable. I hope she turns a corner soon.

Like I said, we hope we are not next. I hope we have a healthy house real soon!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ending a chapter, Starting another

We sold the home that my husband spent his life in this week. It was very bittersweet.

I have to admit my guilt when I have been praying for months to get rid of 'that old house in the country' so we could move on with our lives. It wasn't until we sat at the closing table, and the elderly woman who was buying the home with her husband asked him if the tiny footprints in the cement belonged to him, that's when it really hit me. We were selling my husbands memories. His childhood. His last link to the light of his life, his grandmother.

She gave the house to "Bobby" long before I even met Robert. Bobby is what was written in the cement above his little feet. Before we left the closing, the elderly man went in his pocket, and said he had found this little pouch with some silver coins in it at the house while he was sweeping (we let them in prior to closing), and he thought we may like to have it. Robert told them after the closing that anything else they may find, is theirs to keep. Knowing what I've heard of Robert's grandmother, they could become very wealthy if they find one of her many hiding spots.

We decided to go to the house after the closing. The couple showed up. They invited us in, and my husband gave them the history of the home. How the lumber to build the house was actually trees that they cut down off the land. We walked the man the whole perimeter of the property, which took me longer than them, as I was hesitant to walk past a cow, and a goat. Goats stare. It's kinda creepy.

You would think that this woman found a gold mine in this home. The same old home I couldn't wait to get rid of. I say that shamefully now. My husband told stories of his grandmother, and they told us how in just the little time they have been spending in that small town, that everyone knew Maybelle Deaton. If you don't know, BellaMay was named after Roberts grandmother. I can only pray that my daughter turns out to be half the woman that Maybelle was. She lived a very tragic life, and always loved and feared the Lord, and never lost her faith. Not for a minute. Not when she lost a baby right after birth, not when her 10 year old boy was pitching hay, and threw the fork up on the bails and it bounced off something and came back down and killed him. Not when her 27 year old son had a car accident and died. Not when her 56 year old son died of alcoholism. Or when her husband had a series of strokes over a 2 weeks time and passed away. Robert says she never complained, or asked "Why me!", or lost her faith in God.

Now Maybelle is living through our family. By giving my husband this home, we are able to buy a home of our own, so our family can plant our roots. And our little footprints in the cement. And she will live through our home and my husband will think about her every time we make a new memory there. I love that for him.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get Back

We are in the middle of a series at church called "Get Back". It's about regaining your spiritual momentum. This series could not have come at a better time for me.

I feel very close to God. I pray more, I follow scripture more, and I rest in what I hear from God and the promises he makes me. But I haven't been very involved at my church.

I gave up my position as a leader in the children's ministry when I was pregnant with Bella. I thought I would resume shortly after I had her, but I never did. My church attendance was sporadic, and I was watching a lot online because of feedings and naps and such. Not too mention lack of sleep, plus another pregnancy, plus the loss.

Then God decided to slap me in the face, and my 5 year old son asked me why I don't take him to church that much anymore. Wow. Talk about convicted. I may have been getting fed online, but I had stopped feeding my children regularly. How irresponsible. Then He went a step further, and the first week we went back, Amber didn't want to go. She complained. She had lost her spiritual momentum, and I was to blame.

Off to church we went. My son went back into it as if he hadn't skipped a beat. He was greeted, missed, and loved. What a welcome. It took Amber maybe 2 visits.

This week was definitely one of my favorite sermons I have ever heard. I laughed, I cried, Amber giggled, she was engaged, and now plugged back in. Baby room, here we come! I asked Amber expecting a wishy washy answer, and she was all for it!

We will be serving in the baby room at the Blakeney Campus. My sons allegiance is to Providence, but he's coming around slowly. I am so excited that we are all regaining our spiritual momentum.

"Get Back" to where you once belonged.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Look Who'sWalking!!!!!!!!!

Look at our baby! She's walking! 3 days short of 10 months, and getting better everyday. We are so smitten by her!

Go Bella!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


"Prepare for the blessing you are praying for as if it's already yours"

My Pastor said this at church this week, and it really impacted me.

If you're praying to God for something, then that means you trust in Him. And you KNOW that God delivers. So as you are praying for a blessing, get prepared. Being pro-active can only benefit you. Is it really right to ask for something, and just sit back and wait for it to come to you?

"God, please give me the strength, determination and desire to lose these extra pounds." As your sitting on the couch when you could be exercising?

"Father, please bring me a man to marry." As you are not taking any steps to learn how to be an amazing wife?

"God I pray that my daughter wants to get to know you." When your not even bringing your child to church, or bringing God into your home?

"Lord, please find me a job." When all you do is search job finder in between hours on facebook?

"Father, I pray that we get this house we are trying to buy." Yet your paper work is not in order, you haven't packed a thing, and He knows in your heart that your doubtful?

Prepare for the blessing you are praying for, as if it's already yours. Be pro-active. Start with a 30 minute walk a day. Work on being the best that you can be so when you meet the right man you have a lot to offer. Bring your children to church. Pray with them and over them. Model Godly behavior in your home. Hit the pavement looking for a job. Do walk-ins. Believe that if God wants you in that house, you will be in that house all in good time.

Prepare for your blessing. Be pro-active. He will deliver.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

9 Months

My baby girl is 9 months old! She's growing so fast. She's walking along the furniture, she's standing by herself without holding on, she's saying mamamamama, dadadadada, uh-oh! She's even starting to say nananananana (My Mom is in heaven). She has 5 teeth, and she's a happy, happy baby. Here are her stats:

21.4 lbs (75th-80th percentile)
28 1/2 inches (75th-80th percentile)

She's eating table food-some all by herself! Now if she would only sleep through the night-everything would be perfect!!! We love her. Couldn't imagine our life without her. I have lost my husband to another girl. A bald chubby one. What can you do. Here she is. My beautiful Bella.