Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick kids

We have had a rough 2 weeks. Every child in this house is/was sick. Robert and I are hoping we are not next. First was Amber. She missed a whole week of school! Fever, cold, cough...a mess. I've never seen her sleep so much (and that girl loves to sleep!) . I think she even lost a few pounds because she had no desire to eat. I felt so bad for her. I babied her, and I think she really loved it! They're never too old for some Mommy/baby love.
Next was Alex. He was different because he has never experienced a fever before. He didn't know what was going on. Why am I freezing? Why am I sweating? Why am I shaking? Why do I feel like playing one minute, and going to bed the next? He is still home. He's been fever free for 48 hours, but his cough is throwing off his sleep. He is still not 100%.
Then there's Miss Bella. She is currently a hot mess. My clothes and I are covered with boogies, she's sneezing, coughing, laughing, crying, sleeping, restless, happy and miserable. I hope she turns a corner soon.

Like I said, we hope we are not next. I hope we have a healthy house real soon!


Jim, Heather, Jordan and Madison said...

OM goodness, we are in the same boat, except I think I am getting it......Madison has a fever, and cough that just won't quit - since Saturday. Took her to the ER Sun am because she had croup symptoms.....been home from school, and going on day 3 - yesterday I started feeling icky, continue in that direction this morning. Jordan woke up last night at midnight puking. Awesome. He feels better this morning and insists on going to school.....he hates doing make up work. Jim is out of town, lucky dog :)

Marie Marsicano said...

In the first picture Miss Bella looks just like Baby Danielle!!!

I am glad mommy hasn't brought any of this back to our house. :)

Hopefully you and Robert are out of the woods and by the weekend you will all be ready for some fun.