Monday, January 10, 2011


"Prepare for the blessing you are praying for as if it's already yours"

My Pastor said this at church this week, and it really impacted me.

If you're praying to God for something, then that means you trust in Him. And you KNOW that God delivers. So as you are praying for a blessing, get prepared. Being pro-active can only benefit you. Is it really right to ask for something, and just sit back and wait for it to come to you?

"God, please give me the strength, determination and desire to lose these extra pounds." As your sitting on the couch when you could be exercising?

"Father, please bring me a man to marry." As you are not taking any steps to learn how to be an amazing wife?

"God I pray that my daughter wants to get to know you." When your not even bringing your child to church, or bringing God into your home?

"Lord, please find me a job." When all you do is search job finder in between hours on facebook?

"Father, I pray that we get this house we are trying to buy." Yet your paper work is not in order, you haven't packed a thing, and He knows in your heart that your doubtful?

Prepare for the blessing you are praying for, as if it's already yours. Be pro-active. Start with a 30 minute walk a day. Work on being the best that you can be so when you meet the right man you have a lot to offer. Bring your children to church. Pray with them and over them. Model Godly behavior in your home. Hit the pavement looking for a job. Do walk-ins. Believe that if God wants you in that house, you will be in that house all in good time.

Prepare for your blessing. Be pro-active. He will deliver.

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