Monday, March 21, 2011

Believe it

I have heard so many people say that they have "Heard from God". I never knew what that meant. I have often prayed about it. "Speak to me. I want to hear clearly from you about...(fill in blank)". I had times that I thought I would never hear from God. I have wondered if I have in fact heard from Him, and just chose not to listen.

When we were trying to get our house, we hit quite a few obstacles. I prayed and prayed so hard for this house. We looked at a bunch, and we all knew this was the one. It got so bad, that the closing was put off 2 times, and then we received a termination of contract.

I heard from God that day. Not in "voice" form, just a calm came over me. A sense of security, and promise. I told my husband that we were not signing that paper, and that we were going to live in this house in time to celebrate our baby's 1st birthday. I told my family the same thing, even though the realtor and the lender said we lost the house. It was going back on the market. They didn't want to sell it to us anymore. I stood strong in that I knew that God promised me that this is where He wanted us, and this is where we would be. 2 weeks ago, we officially moved in the house. The same house everyone said we lost. The same house my husband told me not to keep my hopes up for (who later shamefully called himself "Ye of little faith"), the same house that we were sent a termination on contract twice for. And this past Saturday we celebrated BellaMay's 1st birthday. God keeps His promises.