Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am Colleen Corbett

I have been having some rough times. Not me personally, but what is going on around me is taking it's toll. I've been tired. I've been crying. I have even skipped work at night, which is not like me. On Saturday morning, my sister called me, and said one sentence to me. Four words. It packed such a punch. She said...."You are Colleen Corbett, and you are going to work."

That's all I needed. That one sentence to turn it all around. That one sentence to remind me.

I am Colleen Corbett.

Colleen Corbett watched the man that meant the world to her lose his battle with cancer when she should have been in her 1st year of college.

Colleen Corbett didn't "come into herself " until she was 25, and often felt unpretty.

Colleen Corbett was insecure and made some bad decisions because of it.

Colleen Corbett payed the price for those bad decisions.

Colleen Corbett masked sadness and insecurity with 12 packs of beer.

Colleen Corbett had to walk away from a 10 year relationship at 32 years old with 2 children and start her life over.

Colleen Corbett hit rock bottom.

Colleen Corbett finally found her way. Colleen Corbett is now Colleen Gebhardt. She has an amazing life. She's confident, and secure. She's at a place she never thought she would be, and she will always remember the journey she took to get there, and the strong woman she is because of it.

I am Colleen Corbett.

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