Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Way With Words

I am pretty old fashioned. I believe whole hearted that a wife should take care of her family. Cook, Clean, do laundry, take care of her home. I believe how a home is kept and the food on the table and how her children look  is a direct reflection of the woman of the house, and it should be done with pride, rather than resistance.

With that said, I told my son not  long ago, that he should look for these qualities in a wife one day. He listened. However, when he repeated it back to me, it came out..well...awful.

"She needs to clean, cook dinner, and wash my clothes.". Oh my. My 5 year old son was suddenly a caveman. This needed to be refined. We worked on it. It's still funny (the end), but much, much better than the way it came across the 1st time.


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