Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Truth and Lies

"A liar is not believed, even if he tells the truth."

How accurate is that statement? Think about it. We all know liars. Some of us have to deal with them on a daily basis. What baffles me the most is the people that lie for no reason. Just to say what they think you may want to hear. There must be more behind those lies. Something deeper. Liars often lie so much, they don't remember what they previously told you. But you do. And over time, that's how they claim their title.

Back to the quote. It's a sad statement. Sad but true. Once you are labeled a liar, there is no coming back. No matter what you do, even if you never tell another lie again, you will be doubted forever. I've done it. I've listened to someone that has lied to me many times, and as the words are leaving their lips, I'm like..."yeah-right." Even if their words were true, to me, "you just never know". The label will always hinder anyone from believing. Even small things.

Be real. Be you. No lies. No tales. What you see is what you get is SO much more attractive than the transparent liar that just makes it up as they go along. Don't take the chance of getting the label that has a "No Return Policy".

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