Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some People

Some people are meant to work with kids and minister to them.

Some people are not.

Some people can be in the room with 14 loud 3 year olds, and it be music to their ears.

Some people want to go hide in the closet.

Some people are amazed by the fire in a child's eye when they talk about their dreams.

Some people tell them it will never happen.

Some people are at their happiest place when their house is full of children.

Some people are better suited for a more quiet and clean atmosphere.

Some people see a baby in the store and feel an overwhelming sensation to squeeze him/her.

Some people only feel that way about their own children.

I worked in the nursery at the church for several years with 1 year olds. I taught preschool for 5 years, toddlers, two's and threes. I have four children. Children make me happy. I always believed that being with children whether it be working, volunteering or raising my family, is my gift. When I made this life change and started school last month, I was trying to figure out why I abandoned the one thing in life that I feel is truly my specialty in life and if God had his hands in it or not. I said things like...."I have four of my own kids, and they deserve all of my attention and patience." "I need to do something that doesn't involve kids."

Then it hit me. I'm still ministering and giving my time to children. The average age of the students that I am going to school with is 18-22. God knows that I have raising little people down to an art. Now he has opened up the opportunity for me to get my feet wet with older children. Possibly to pave the way for me as my own children grow older. I am exactly where I need to be.

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