Sunday, January 5, 2014

These Are My Confessions

If it were not considered impolite and disgraceful, I would never ever attend another funeral/memorial service for the rest of my life-regardless of who it is. I absolutely hate them, and it is not the last memory I would ever choose to have of anyone.

With that said, I have nailed it into everyone's brain that I know that if they have any type of funeral or memorial service for me, I will haunt them for the rest of their days. You may feel sad, and cry, but I will not have the people I love and care about congregate on a specific day and a specific time to cry over me.

I have anxiety and fear of my face growing old, but I think any type of cosmetic surgery/anti aging treatment that is done to the face is absolutely hideous and blatantly obvious.

When I see a body of water, especially an ocean, (even just a photo) I have this indescribable feeling of desire and joy. One day I will live as close to the water as possible. To me it's the most peaceful calming place on earth.

I have absolutely no desire to leave the United States of America. However I would love to visit each and every state in this lifetime.

I learned from attending church and reading the bible how to tame my tongue and think before I speak. This is by far the most beneficial thing I have ever learned in my life and is the key to my success (and maybe yours too!).

I have had a consistent pain in one area of my lower back for quite some time which I have received multiple lectures about from my husband about going to see a doctor. I have put off going because I am a firm believer that the day you find out that you are sick and begin to undergo treatment is the day you start to die.

As a young, insecure, and awkward teenager, I believed whole heartedly that if I could have just been beautiful everything else in my life would just fall into place. As an older, secure, and beautiful adult, I realize what a na├»ve and stupid belief that was.

It infuriates me when anyone I know says their "poor". Honey, none of us know what poor is.

When I see a baby I feel an overwhelming sensation from my head to my toes. If I were wealthy and younger I probably would have had up to 6 children or so.

The job of therapist/mentor has fallen into my lap over the past few years. People come to me and reach out to me for advice or just an ear to borrow for all types of circumstances in their life and current situations. I absolutely love this and take it as the highest compliment.

I have reinvented myself so much so over the past 6 or so years that the people that knew me when I was younger probably wouldn't believe who I am today, and the people I know now would never believe the person I once was. (I do pat myself on the back for this one)

I am scared to bits that I am going to fall flat on my face with my new career adventure. However, after doing my daughters hair, I have renewed feelings of confidence and determination.

These are my confessions.