Friday, January 22, 2016

They got it.

At Daniel's Christmas party, as I watched parents feed their 2 1/2 year old children, give them a scholastic lesson during a craft, and hold their hands to make sure the markers landed in the right spot, several thoughts ran through my head:

This must be your first kid.

 Your healthy children are more than capable of feeding themselves.

 It's their art work, not yours.

 Stop making their Christmas craft a lesson. I don't know anyone that doesn't learn their colors eventually, or how to color in the lines. 

 Some people are never meant to color in the lines-let them be them.

Daniel colored his nails, wiped his hands on his shirt while his dirty little hands ate pizza, and quite frankly if a 2 year old craft is perfect, it wasn't done by a 2 year old.

Sister's Day

I saw somewhere that recently I missed "Sisters Day" I'm a few days late and a dollar short, but that's part of who I am in our trilogy of sisterhood. We all have some of the same qualities, but we all play a role in this very strong family.

Marie: if you need a leader, someone to point you in the right direction, someone to honor you like no other on all of your large milestones in your life with a celebration AND a kick ass speech, a rational opinion, tough love when you... mess up, go to bat for you with any administrator of any kind if you have been done wrong with elegance, throw gas in your car because your financially irresponsible, reliable, get it done, when your in panic mode and you need stability and direction, and all at the same time crack you up with her blunt personality yet still rock the whip in a back yard party, go to ReRe.

Patti: if you need strength, unconditional love, someone that you can tell your deepest secrets to, tell that you have murdered someone, she will make excuses for you that you did the right thing and help you hide the evidence. And if she has to, she'll take the blame. Don't let her see you cry, she dies a little every time someone she loves is sad, when you screw up she'll tell you it's not so bad, she cracks everyone up with the things that come out of her mouth, need inspiration to keep going when there's no hope in sight, and see a mother do everything under the sun for her kids whether she can afford it or not whether she's up all night on the computer or at a shoe store at midnight, go to Patti.

Colleen: you want love and affection, hugs and kisses, stop and smells the roses (literally) or play in a fountain with your clothes on, when you ask a question, and never get "no" for an answer, wanna play just dance or lip sync or see an old lady sing all of hip hops inappropriate lyrics, come on over. You want mcdonalds while you practice for the play? Okay. You need a mouth piece for football and your game starts in 7 minutes? I'm on my way. You want highlights tomorrow? Sure babe. Be at a place where kids can be kids, and adults can be kids, want someone to tell you your not weird, there's no conventional way to do anything, age is just a number, and it's 5 o'clock somewhere, come see Miss Happy. It is no secret I am the baby of the family.

One trait we all share whole heartedly-do not mess with anyone in this family because you can't handle this army. Trust and believe.
Happy Sister's Day. Whenever the heck it was.