Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Official

I have become my Grandmother.

This is my address book. Most of the addresses in it are old, and no longer valid. All of the papers you see are printed addresses I received through email, and they are shoved in there. Stuffed in there are some Christmas cards too, and what makes me the most like my Grandmother, are the little return address tags that I rip off of envelopes and stuff them in there too.

Have you reached Grandma status with your address book? If not, in what area of your life are you worthy of the title? You know you have at least one....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Amber, and Why?

No you can not shave your legs.

No you can not tweeze your eyebrows. (spell check is saying tweeze is not a word?)

No you can not wear make-up that looks like you put it on 2 days ago and rubbed your eyes profusely.

No you can not wear shorts in 35 degree weather.

No you can not go to a movie without an adult, and no your friends 14 year old sister doesn't count.

No you can not wear your Sperry's with no laces in them. As a matter of fact, laces or not, those are by far the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. Worse then the Uggs.

Why did you color the laces and tops of your Chuck Taylors with a highlighter?

Why are you wearing those jeans if you need a wire hanger to pull up the zipper?

Why did you ask for scarves for Christmas if you never wear them?

Why does a 10 year old that isn't allowed to go anywhere have a cell phone?

Why am I still dealing with all of these issues when she only just got 2 of the four things back that I took away from her almost a month ago?

My daughter is going to be the death of me. She threw herself on the couch this morning in despair because I won't let her wear shorts to school. I'm not going to be 'that mother', although as I look around apparently there are a lot of 'those mothers'. Then she busts out with make-up on. So as we race for the bell we are changing clothes, and removing make-up this morning all while the little talking head is going on...and on...and on....about who knows what. My head was spinning by the time we sat down in the car.

God bless little girls. I was not, and have never been a drama queen. I was always considered one of the guys. I've even been considered the 'man' in the relationship. I don't whine, I don't complain, to the point that I think it frustrates others. I just don't. So I have a hard time relating to the horrific drama of a particular pair of pants not being washed, or breaking down because I want to pull my laces out of my shoes. I just....don't get it. All I know is that it's killing me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Worthy Wedding News

I have been in deep thought of who I was going to have accompany my handsome little son as he walks down the isle at my wedding. What little girl do I know that is special to me, knows Alex, and can easily match his charm, charisma, smarts, gorgeousness, personality, and melt the crowd with oooohhh's and aaaaahhhhh's just as he will? I needed a show stopper. A little lady that would light up the day brighter than the sun already will. It hit me. It was a no brainer. As I sat next to her mother at lunch on Saturday, I sprung the question. Without hesitation, she said yes! As a matter of fact, she was thrilled! This awesome growing family was a gift that was given to me when I first started going to Elevation Church. I just love them.

I won't keep you in suspense anymore. If you want to see my gorgeous little flower girl, click here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just because you're from Long Island/New York

A lot of times, people hear that you are from New York/Long Island, and they have their 'stereo types', or assumptions that they have heard over time. Here's my personal version of 'just because you're from New York/Long Island' based on my life experience there. Enjoy!

Doesn't mean that you know everybody on the Island. I know it's tiny on the map, but it's really not tiny at all. "Oh you're from Long Island? Do you know so-and-so?"

Doesn't mean you have watched the ball drop in Time Square on New Year's Eve. Freezing cold+standing up for hours+drunk people+no restrooms=SUCKS. Never been. Never will.

Doesn't mean you have visited the Statue of Liberty. (Is that bad?)

Doesn't mean you have to approach every conversation with me like this...Aye...oh....bada bing....haya doin'..... You know Tony Soprano?(I have a boss like this. Everyday. Was funny maybe twice.)

Doesn't mean you know Joey Butafucco and Amy Fisher, but you have been to Massapequa, and can pronounce it properly.

Doesn't mean you know a mobster.....or do you?

Doesn't mean that being from Long Island/Staten Island/New Jersey is all pretty much the same thing.

Doesn't mean you've eaten at "Tavern on the Green", but you've always wanted to.

Doesn't mean you were once a Guido...or does it? Maybe still are one at heart with an Italian horn hanging from the rear view mirror of your Trans Am? hhhmmm.....

Doesn't mean you have seen 'The Rockettes' (Amber has) but you have probably seen a Broadway play. Probably Cats, or The Lion King.

Just because you're from Long Island/New York DOES MEAN.....

You like Billy Joel, and love the line...'Either you date a rich girl from the North Shore, or a cool girl from the South Shore'. (I'm a South Shore girl)

You've been to plenty of 'Block Parties'. (block off the whole street, and everyone cooks and travels from house to house to enjoy the different festivities)

You have gone every year to the Mother Cabrini Feast.

You have driven past the 'Amityville Horror' house.

You've been to a concert at Jones Beach.

You've been to a pub crawl in the city (go from bar to bar on a 'bell system' until get it...), jumped around on the piano at FAO Schwartz(movie reference-'Big'),partied in the Hampton's, partied in the City, and partied in Long Beach, been on someones boat, been to Central Park, seen a true blue bum....or 1000, been asked for money on the street, rode the train (what's a light rail anyway?)

You love Nathan's, Carvel, and Friendly's.

Your car is full of sand from June-August.

You've been to China town, and Little Italy. and traveled to Brooklyn for some fresh brasciol.

You do not consider Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut, or anything of the like to be Pizza.

You've headed to Seaside Heights in New Jersey.

Your parents have fond memories of Coney Island.

You've been to Lake George. (We went every year and my Dad made sure we stayed in the same cabin every time.)

You have had, or have experienced road rage, and it doesn't set you back or traumatize you.

911 hit you horribly, and did traumatize you for life.

You are proud to be a New Yorker.

Which by the way, is either a Long Islander, or a City Slicker. The rest of 'em aren't really 'New Yorkers' in our books. Now FUGETTABOUTIT!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Brown House

Saturday night, we were at my sisters house. We had a little Valentine's Day dinner with us and our friends Daryl and Andre. All was going well, I was busy goofing off with the big kids, and my son was engaged in conversation with the adults. Next thing I knew, I hear a RoAR from the kitchen of uncontrollable laughter. I was hoping not to hear what came next....."COLLEEN CORBETT GET IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh no, what came out of that little but soooo big mouth now.

Daryl was asking Alex repeatedly if she could go home with him. He kept telling her no. Over and over. Finally, on her last effort, he replies.."No you can't, our house is not brown".

Daryl is 'Brown'. -You catch my drift?

They made him repeat himself to make sure they understood him properly. He said it again. Maybe 3 times.

Where does he get this stuff? I never EVER differentiate people by the color of their skin. In my house growing up, race was a non-issue, and if one of us kids were ever to make a racial comment, my father would have killed us. We were not raised that way. Alex goes to school with a beautiful mix of races and different ethnic backgrounds.

I believe it was just an observation, but a funny one at that. He needs to know that segregation ended a long time ago. You would think he would. He has a 'brown' cousin. I mean, my mother is more 'brown' than Daryl and she is allowed to come home with us. This brings me back to when he told a girl at my job...."You have hairy arms like a man." That was a 'proud parent' moment.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

I can't decide.....

If when I see someone brushing their teeth in a public bathroom, I should give them props for taking care of their teeth, or throw up in my mouth that they are exposing their toothbrush in a nasty facility.

Why I don't spend more time with my brother. When we do, we have a great time. Maybe it's because he has no kids.

If I want to make absolutely no money, and go to work in some type of children's learning center and work in the baby room. I can not explain to you the feeling in my heart when I see a room full of 0-18 month old babies. It's overwhelming.

If I want to go back to school. Early Child Development? Journalism?

Why I went to school a few months after my father died and commuted to Manhattan 5 days a week and wasted a year of tuition and time because I just wasn't ready.

If I am going to allow my future husband to name our future child (I hope) 'Robert'. How do you call a 2 month old 'Robert'? I may have to fight that.

If I want to cut my hair, or leave it long. I have had it all, and for the most part I don't like it when I cut it, but yet, long hair is boring. Go figure.

If I want to ask Robert just how much he paid for the amazing flowers he gave me yesterday.

Which card I like better. The card he handed me, or the card I found in a drawer this morning (aww).

If educating Amber to the best of my ability about the world we live in and the not-so-great things is helping her in life, or is it going to cause her to grow up fast?

Why some people try so hard to please/fit in with/imitate/appease others. That's a whole lotta work, with what return exactly? I would much rather just be me.

Why people bring something when they go to someones house, and then pick it up and take it with them when they leave. When you handed it to them, didn't it become theirs? Kind of like a gift? Totally Tacky. See. Not trying to appease anybody with that comment.

How to express my gratitude to the Quest team at Church. There's nothing like waking up to the voice of my son saying..."Jesus is THE KING, and he can do ANYTHING!"

Why anyone would wait on a line wrapped around a building for hours Really? It can't be that good.

Why anyone would even go out to eat on Valentine's Day. How about preparing your Sweethearts favorite homemade meal made with Love?

How long I could keep going with this, but I guess I will stop.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doin' it Well

Okay so I am sure that we all said on December 31st 2008 that this year, we were going to eat better, and exercise more. I was curious now that we are headed into February...... how are we all doing with this? I'm sure there are some that are doing awesome, some that didn't last a week, and some that are just getting over the hump of missing junk, and embracing healthy eating. That would be me. I'm kind of past the point of 'craving' this and that. Don't get me wrong, I made a late night run for an Oreo Mcflurry not too long ago, but I am for the most part doing pretty well. Here is today's menu.


Left over grilled chicken breast
Fresh Spinach
Fresh Mushrooms
Egg Whites

All cooked in cooking spray. No butter. No toast. Low Carb, high protein breakfast. Very filling and delicious.


"Flat Out' light flat bread-100% whole wheat (90 calories, high in fiber)
Sliced Turkey Breast
Seasoning to taste

Simple. tasty. Plenty of food. Takes all of 3 minutes to prepare.

I forgot to take a picture of dinner! But it is my children's very favorite meal.
Lemon Shrimp

Flour Shrimp (flour, s/p, seasoning if you like-I put lemon-pepper seasoning) and saute in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil and cooking spray

Squeeze fresh lemon over the shrimp generously while cooking

Prepare a steamed veggie on the side (we did broccoli)

Cook enough for a 'side' of Orzo pasta (wish I could find these in wheat)

After you done cooking your shrimp, don't clean the pan. In a bowl, blend equal amounts of chicken broth, and lemon juice. Add 2 tbs of cornstarch, and pour into hot skillet. This will bubble and thicken. There's your healthy lemon sauce. Who said you need butter to have a good lemon sauce? You can pour it over everything, or just the pasta, it's up to you. No matter what-it's delicious!

Eating healthy can get boring if you don't try different things. If you start your day out with healthy eating and exercise, chances are you will want to 'stay in good form' for the rest of the day. Happy Healthy Eating.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

In Honor of Valentines Day, I am going to post some of the "Sweetest Things" Robert has said to me in our time together that have really touched me.

"You are more beautiful in person than I imagined"

"After our first date, I didn't know if I would hear from you again. I thought you were way out of my league"

"You are more than I could ever ask for. You exceed my expectations"

( I had a trial make-up run for the wedding-which I decided to go natural-can't do face make-up)

"You are beautiful Your skin is beautiful. You don't need all that make-up. You're a natural beauty"

This one is from today when I mentioned that I was trying to make an effort to blow out my hair more and hang up my sweat pants:

"You don't have to impress me babe..I have been impressed by you for a long time"

These are my Sweetest Things that I hold near and dear. What are yours?

Monday, February 9, 2009

He Stands Over Me/We Stand Over Him

Yesterday, I was doing my Mommy thing. Flipping Laundry, prepping dinner, sweeping....yada yada yada. Alex was busy doing his own thing, until he realized that he needed me for something. He came up to me, and said "Mom, can you please put new batteries in my work bench?" So I said "Sure baby, let me open it up and see what type of batteries it takes, and then I have to check and see if I have them." I expected him to go continue playing until I was ready to come in his room and check it out. He didn't. He stood over me. He followed me. He repeated the sentence above about 10 times. Every time I looked down, I saw his big brownish/golden eyes looking up at me for an instant resolution. He wanted what he wanted, and he wanted it now.

Don't we treat God like this? More often than we care to admit, we push God to the side for other things. We don't always make the time for Him that He deserves. But you better believe when we want something from Him, we ask Him over...and over....and over....and wait...and wait...and wait....and wonder what's taking Him so long, and wonder why He isn't giving us the instant gratification that we are looking for. Feel entitled to even. What nerve! God knows our needs(not our greeds), and He will decide when the right time is to fulfill them. He does not work on 'our clock'. He's the boss. Like it or not. If God makes you a promise, it WILL be fulfilled, on His time. The perfect time. So that you will be able to say whole-heartedly that it could have only been Him.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Entourage

This is my Entourage. It started out with me and Kristen. All the way to the right on the top. We met in second grade. Then in Jr. high, we met Michelle, Kristie, and Joanne. In 10th grade we met Kim and Tricia, and our Entourage was formed. We've grown up together, we've suffered loss together, we've nursed broken hearts together, we've partied together, we've vacationed together, we became adults together, and we've had children together. Kristie and I had our boys only days apart. I was once accused of only hanging out with beautiful women. As I look at this picture, I have to say maybe that is a true statement. I see so much beauty in this photo. I see a Manhattan commuter, I see 2 lawyers (one with twin babies!), I see 2 teachers, I see a Mommy that stays home and cares for her freshly 3 year old son AND twin baby girls. I see 4 working mothers. I see a world traveler. I see years of friendship. I see the young girls that had to physically dress me for my father's funeral. I see the girls who have made me laugh more than anyone else in my life. I see the girls that would go to the mat for me in a heartbeat. I see decades of my life flash before me as I look at each of their faces. That is beauty. Without a doubt. This photo is from 2005. I was 4-5 months pregnant with Alex. This is the most recent picture that I have of us, and I have it on my nightstand. I look at it everyday, and every night. I love my girls.

My 2nd Entourage. Siobhainin and Dawne. The beautiful bride, and the girl beside her on the right. Different type of Entourage. I met them at 19 or 20. Love them to pieces. These are my 'go over in my pj's for eggs and bacon' girls. These are my 'tell it like it is whether you like it or not girls'. These are my beach buddies. We had our girls together. Amber in May, Kara in June, and Morgan in July, 1998. They are my 'family', relatively speaking. All of our children are cousins. Dawne, and Siobhainin's husband are Alex's cousins. Just worked out that way, I knew them first. Turns out that my parents very best friends are Siobhainin's Aunt and Uncle. These relationships didn't just 'happen to happen'. They were meant to be, and they are life lasting. Another set of girls that would go to the mat for me. Love me unconditionally. This is May, 2006. Alex was 5 months old. This is the most recent picture I have of us. Although I don't get to go see all of them as much as I would like to, they will always be my Entourage. My "Beautiful Girls".

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just My Luck

I promised myself I wasn't going to get flustered this morning. I don't get prepared at night, and in the morning by the time I walk out the door, I am flustered and grumpy. Not a good way to start the day. Today was going to be different. Every one's clothes were laid out. Our lunches were made and packed last night. I put what I could in the car last night so I wasn't carrying tons of items and trying to watch Alex on the stairs. I showered and blew my hair out last night. Coffee was on at 7am. The kids were at the breakfast table by 7:10, eating waffles. Everything was going smooth and stress free. Then the phone rang. It was Robert telling me that it snowed, and there is no school. Figures! Amber went back to bed, Alex and I are watching Dora, and today is a waste of a good hair day. Better luck next time.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sneak Peak At Awesomeness....

I'm not concerned with flowers,

I'm not concerned with ribbons and bows,

I'm not interested in listening to a wedding planner,

Go on and on about all that she knows,

My wish for our wedding,

As far as this goes,

Is to provide us with Music,

That will give us shivers, from our heads to our toes.

We will have the honor of Mack Brock performing at our up coming nuptuals. Here is a Sneak Peak At Awesomeness....