Monday, August 31, 2009

Be Still

I am never still. You? Does anyone else desire to just become a vegetable for one whole day? If your a Mom, forget it. Never happen. Unless you fall of the radar temporarily. My husband has worked the past 4 nights. 7pm-7am. It's basically as if he is gone on a business trip. When he is home, he is asleep. If I saw the things he sees at work, I would sleep as much as I could too. Some of the stories are gruesome. By day 4, I am feeling like a single mother all over again. A quick recap from Thurs-present.

finish school supplies-work Friday Job #1 and job #2-Saturday girls day with Amber-Saturday night church-Sunday morning church-food shopping-Sunday night certification and testing at job #2-Monday 5 hour CPR and First Aid training at job #1 and Job #2.

This excludes cooking, cleanting ( a little Madea there for you), and tending to the kids.

Doesn't that make you need a nap just reading that? I have vowed not to leave the house tomorrow, and I know at minimum I have to go to the bank, and carpool. But other than that, I'm doing absolutely nothing!!! Pajama day it is!!

If there is anyone out there who uses there time wisely and has any advice on how to 'Be Still' more often, please share the wealth. Mama needs some R&R.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Official...We Are Racing

I am probably the only mother that is at ease with my sons sport of choice. Racing. He loves cars, cars, and more cars. I didn't know he would start this young, but he is more than ready. He can get on the track and race at 5, so Alex just recently put him in the Go-Kart to get the fundamentals down so he would be more than ready by the time he actually hits the track. Both Alex and Papa raced Go-Karts throughout their lives. They know how to keep him safe, and teach him well. The Go-Kart that Alex has will be perfect for him to start on the track at age 5. I believe it goes 40 mph. Alex made modifications to the pedals and the speed so at this time Alex can max out at about 7-10 mph. As he grows and learns, adjustments will be made to suit him and his skills. Right now he is working with him in an empty parking lot. His turns are strong, and he can change direction with simple instruction. On day 1, he crashed 2 times. That was all he needed to realize he can't just nail it and be reckless. I'm glad I didn't take the invitation to stay and watch that day. About 8 minutes after I dropped him off, I got this phone call. "Mommy, It's a good thing you left today" (from his Dad). He wasn't shaken, and got right back in the Kart. That's a good sign that he really is determined to do this. Here are a few pics. I may post a video eventually, but the Kart is really LOUD.

In front of Papa's car, getting ready for his debut.
Racing in style. Thank you Papa for the suit, the helmet, and the Go-Kart.
Yes, this is a full size helmet, but it is all custom made to fit his head on the inside. We are looking for a smaller one.
Getting his instruction from Daddy.
There he goes. He's doing laps. When he starts to race, he will not be doing laps. He will be on a track with turns and all different directions. Not.....turn left, turn left, turn left......also, he will eventually move up to a Kart that he has to switch gears manually.
Taking a break and getting some air.
Every single day he asks me if he can drive his go kart. every. single. day. I hope he gets to live out his dream for years to come.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Touch

A touch. Such a powerful thing. It can come in all different ways, but the results can be equally profound.

God designed me to have hands and skin just like my fathers. Soft, smooth, and squishy. You can blame it on genetics, but that's not what it is at all. I'll tell you why.

God specifically chose me out of 4 children to carry this particular trait so that my mother would have access to it long after my father left us. He chose me for a very good reason. I am her most loving child. I am by far the most 'touchy' child that she has. I am forever kissing, hugging, and touching the people that I love.

This past Tuesday I spent the day with my mother. I guess I was holding her arm, or I grabbed her hand, whatever it was, and she tells me that I send a rush through her body every time I touch her because for a split second, she thinks it's my father. A bit later we were walking side by side and I grabbed her hand. She told me that she was going to close her eyes, and imagine that she was walking, and holding hands with my Dad.

I am so glad that I can fill that void for her, even for a split second, or for even longer to bring back some of her fondest memories. A Touch. Such a powerful thing.

This weekend, she came my to church for the first time with my sister Marie. Marie has been asking her for a while, and she finally said yes. She was touched once again.

The passage chosen for this particular sermon was from the book of Daniel.

My father's name is Daniel.

My pastor said these exact words....'Even if you prayed to God to heal your husbands cancer, and he didn't....."

My Dad passed away from cancer.

My Mom prayed for the Lord to restore her faith this weekend. God knew she would, and knew she needed to be at this particular service. He set her up, and she took the bait. He can be pretty persuasive when He wants to be. She now says she will be attending church weekly.

A Touch. Such a simple thing. How amazing it can be.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 Day 2's!

I am officially......a preschool teacher! Yeah!!! I am so excited! For so many reasons.

A few months back, I was praying and asking God to tell me if my pull towards small children(kids I don't even know can stop me dead in my tracks) was because He was going to give me another child, or because I was meant to work with children. As amazing as He is, He gave me both.

I will be a 3 day 2 year old teacher at Trinity Presbyterian Weekday School on Providence Rd. starting next Tuesday. I was looking for a 5 day position, but maybe next year. We will see.

There are so many amazing things about this job.

I'm doing what I LOVE!

Amber spent her preschool years at this school.

I will still be able to drive her to and from school.

Alex will now go to this school. We will drive together, and go home together. I will get to pack his lunch. No more corn dogs or fish sticks. GROSS. Not to mention the tuition is half of what we are paying now. (daycare vs. preschool)

He will be in the 3 year old class, and he will have the same teachers Amber had 7 years ago. And did they love her! They are going to flip when they see him and the last name 'Delemo'

I will hopefully make some 'Mommy' friends. Could use some of those.

Once again, I will be doing what I love! Working with preschool-age children!

What an amazing season of my life! I am so thankful for this remarkable year, and the best is yet to come!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunset Beach

This past Saturday, we headed to the beach for the day. We had the best time. It was well worth the trip to have quality family time with no distractions. We have been very busy, and we needed to stop and take a break. We packed a cooler for the day, and just enjoyed the ocean and rode the waves. I didn't take too many pictures, because I have had a bad experience at the beach with expensive items that can get scratched and completely ruined.

Look at my daughter. I know she's mine, but she is so beautiful.

Surfer boy.
Robert, Amber and Alex just getting in the water. Taylor was with us, but disappeared into the water until he got hungry. Typical teenage boy. Robert and Amber met up with him after spending some time with Alex.
FEARLESS. Watch this video of my boy. I am so proud of his bravery. I have another post won't believe your eyes when you see what he is up to.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pollo Parmigiano

AKA: Chicken Parm. Dinner tonight. My whole family can't move from over eating. That makes an Italian woman so happy.

Bread and fry your chicken cutlets. (put grated cheese, salt and pepper in your eggs, and use Italian breadcrumbs)

Make your sauce. I guess you could use jar sauce, but my Mom would kill me, so I make my own. Crushed tomatoes, fresh garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, parsley, garlic powder, basil, oregano....all to taste. I can't give you a recipe for that. Just wing it. Make enough for the chicken, and the pasta.

Put a layer of sauce in the bottom of your Pyrex. (love my Pyrex)
I don't layer my chicken, because then your cheese sticks, and you lose a lot of it. I suggest one layer. All the while, start your water for your pasta.
Lay your chicken, and cover with sliced Mozzarella, as thick as you would like. The more cheese the better for me. top it with some more sauce. Bake in the oven until cheese is melted-not burnt.

Flaky biscuits with butter are always a crowd pleaser, or go with the traditional garlic bread.

I wish I could brake down the recipe better, but it's just not one of those dishes. But it's delicious. You should try it. Give yourself some time. It's about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish.

Ba Ba

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My first bid

I was spending time with my big girl tonight, and we were looking on the computer for clothes. She loves the 80's look. I think she was born in the wrong era. In our 'googling', we came across a picture of these plastic charm necklaces. I had one. Did you? She fell in love with it! I opened up an ebay account, and put a bid on one. There are several on there. I hope we get it. I want her to have it, and I wouldn't mind seeing one in person again. Aaahhh...memories.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Short Stature

My baby. He's little. This is something that we have been monitoring for close to a year now. He has been to a specialist, had blood work, (that wasn't fun) and is monitored every 4 months to check his growth.

This is not a vanity issue. We just wanted to make sure that he was growing properly, and he is just short. Both sides of our families are not very tall. Alex is the tallest Delemo ( literally, cousins, uncles, I mean out of everyone) at 5'11". Look at me. I'm a whopping 5'...... nothing.

The specialist had us take him for an x-ray to check his 'bone age'. Alex is 3 years 7 months old, and his bone age is 2 years 8 months old. Pretty much exactly where they thought he would be, and is considered in the normal range. All they will do right now is monitor him, and things like hormones wouldn't come until later in life, which I would forgo. God made him the way he is, and I am not going to mess with that.

According to his dad, being short is absolutely perfect for him to be a race car driver.

I personally know quite a few wonderful short men (including my husband) that their lack of height hasn't hindered them in any way. Of course as a mother, it makes me sad when I hear Alex say he's small.

My son is HUGE in so many ways. His personality. His smile. His vocabulary. His ability to express his emotions and his love for others. His zest for life.

I wouldn't have my small fry any other way.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our First Baby Gift

I was at work Friday night. I had an older couple that I was taking care of. I generally don't chat with my guests. I make sure they have what they need, anticipate what they will need, and let them enjoy their meal and their company. Translation: I don't care for a chatty server when I go out to eat.

I wasn't busy, and they were very sweet and inviting. It all Started with the red velvet cheesecake. Somehow that brought me to saying how I just got married, and how my husband is southern, and I am not. I got the usual: 'Your not southern? I would have never guessed that.' Ha ha.

I was telling them how he was pushing for the red velvet wedding cake, and I compromised with the anniversary tier that we will eat on our first anniversary. They kind of chuckled when I told them I was married for 3 months. I guess when your married for 30 years, 3 months can sound funny to you.

I then told them I was pregnant. By now, I was sitting down beside them, and I also shared with them that as a joke my sister-in-law made Robert a red velvet armadillo cake at our couples party. They laughed hard at that one. She asked me when the baby was due, and she was genuinely so excited for me. A perfect stranger. It was so sweet. I love old people.

When their meal was over, the woman handed me money that was crumbled up in her hand, and told me it was a baby gift. I thanked them, and I walked away. When I opened it up, it was $40.00. I went back, and I hugged them both so tight. I was surprised to open the check presenter to then see a 25% tip on top of that.

They told me that that night was their 27th anniversary, and that I made it so special to hear a story of young love, a young marriage, and a baby.

I had to go sit down and cry for a minute. That touched me so much. Robert was so humbled by their kindness and generosity. He's still talking about it. It's not about the money. It's about the kindness of a stranger. You never know who you are speaking to, and what kind of impact you are making on their life at that moment. What an encouraging message to represent yourself as the best person you can be at all times.