Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Do you give your kids candy?

Alex and I were at the store yesterday, and I got a 100 Grand Bar, and I got Alex a Twix. Both delicious. People were looking at me crooked. We drove home and ate our candy in the car. It melted all over his little fingers.

When we got home, somehow it came up, and Robert was like: "You bought him candy?" I said, yeah, a twix bar. He said: "Why?" Me: Umm....because I got a piece and he got a piece too.?.

Then it hit me.........He's one of those.

As children, we had unlimited access to candy. I'm sorry, unlimited access to a candy isle. My parents owned a 7-11 for 12 years. Candy, chips, egg sandwiches, deli sandwiches, hot dogs...you name it, it was at our fingertips. We kept most of these things in our house too. We had soda with dinner. My parents were not the type of parents that gave us candy on holidays only, and a soda at a birthday party. And you know what? We never abused it. We never overdid it. None of us were overweight (except me, and I wasn't terribly overweight). They just didn't deprive us of anything.

I used to watch my cousins come over and literally GORGE and feast until their stomachs were sick because their parents never let them have anything. They would drink a 2 liter bottle of soda in a few hours because they knew once they left, it would be a looooong time until they met again.

I don't deprive my kids of anything, and they don't abuse it. I don't keep candy in the house, and they don't ask for it every time we go somewhere. I don't do gum, and I buy them chocolate, not hard/chewy/powdered sugar/stick in your teeth type of candy.

Quite frankly, I love to watch my kids enjoy food. All types. Candy, fruit, chips and salsa, steak, shrimp, an ice cold Dr. Pepper. I mean, we love all this stuff, right?


Marie Marsicano said...

Big sister checking in - same at our house.

And you know what - they don't reach for candy, soda, chips or junk on the regular. Could be because Joe and I both drink water with dinner - and while I LOVE a snickers bar - I don't have them daily since I pretty much all my life have been able to eat it when I want.

The funniest part of this blog is JUST LAST NIGHT I was telling my friend Andre about our cousins and how they would love to come to see us - and don't let them be out without their parents and see a vending machine!!! :)

Lisa said...

Same at our house. Everything in moderation. We were not deprived. Now I can enjoy it without the guilt. Same for Arden and for Thomas once he turns two :)