Monday, December 21, 2009


As I was thinking about what everyone is going to wear for Christmas this year, and I thought about wearing my black boots, I had a flash back of being at my desk, in a loud room, chasing the clock to get loans on the board to close that day, all while getting my boots shined by Urie, a man that would come with a portable shoe-shine box on wheels every Friday and go through the entire office, shining every one's shoes. Which turned into a flash back about all of my clothes in my closet being on wire hangers and covered in plastic because everything went to the dry cleaners. Which turned into a flash back of it being just me and Amber. Which turned into a flash back of life in NY. Which turned into a flash back of getting out of work at 6pm in the dark, bitter cold and having to scrape my car and wondering if my ears were still attached to my head. or if my doors would be frozen shut.

Now, I go to work in cotton comfortable clothes and sneakers, sit on the floor, play with play dough, and sing 'jingle bells' and the 'clean up' song. I'm home by 1:45. I have a husband and 3.75 kids, my son has no idea what snow really is, and my 2 youngest children will only get a taste here and there of New York people, and NY lifestyle.

Life. It's amazing how it changes in ways that you never imagined.

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