Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Through The Years

I started this blog in 2007. Anyone that did not know me prior, is watching my son grow up, but missed out on one of the most beautiful little girls this world has ever seen. So I decided that I was going to put just a few-I said just a few because there are several, several more portraits that I have of my daughter (first child sicko syndrome) up here so you can see Amber grow up too. She was once a little frilly, tight wearing, dress loving little girl until she evolved in to this big girl that I can look in the eye when she is standing next to me. How did that happen? Anyway, get ready to oooohhh and aaaahhhh...and Stephanie, check out some of these outfits! I also changed my playlist to songs that she enjoyed when she was little. Please post a comment if you think she's just awesome!

Her first Christmas. I took some slack for that headband, but I loved it. Look at my baby with no teefies....
Two years old here. Look at that head of hair! I loved dressing my baby girl. Isn't she precious.

Easter, 2001. Another Disney favorite. She was a happy toddler. That made up for what a miserable baby she was.
Easter 2002. She asked me today where her bracelet is, like it would still fit her!

Spring 2002. This was a whole yellow suit trimmed in sequence, with the yellow shoes to match. I love her face.

Christmas 2003. Look at that hair on a five year old. These were the beautiful days when I can dress her however I wanted, she would actually wear tights without going into convulsions. That outfit is too cute.
There's my sassy girl getting big. This is kindergarten. We lived in New York at the time. Shortly after this, we cut her hair up to her shoulders. I was sad, but she was still gorgeous.

Can you see my tomboy starting to emerge here? I think I forced her to wear this outfit, and it's probably the last time she wore pink. By this time, her hair already grew back! I wish my hair grew like hers.
Christmas 2006. Alex had just turned one. You can't see, but this was a cream shirt with black velvet pants. I lost my Christmas dresses for good.
Super tomboy, but again, still love that face.
Dance photo. She used to take ballet, tap and jazz. Now? HIP-HOP. She's been asking for years, and I was reluctant. I finally gave in this year. I hope I don't regret it when I see the dance.
Last year. I did her hair, and made her wear the outfit-which she wasn't thrilled about, but once she had it on I know she felt pretty. She accessorized (with my earrings obviously). One of my all time favorites.
This year. Now we are sort of a beach girl/t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. I'll take it. She's so beautiful, through all of her stages of life.

AND JUST FOR SOME GIGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marie Marsicano said...

As I hear her singing "oh where oh where can my baby be...." I think to myself "Where is our baby?" The one who broke me and Joe in to parenthood before we had kids??? The one we walked the floors with while Colleen worked at Hops??? The one who rode our Danielle like a pony???

I received a text from "my baby" 2 days after my surgery from her new phone - and it was "Are you doing ok?" - I didn't answer it because I thought it was someone with the wrong number!!! She is so grown-up now - but still loves to have good kid fun.

Those of us that have watched her from birth have been truly blessed by her pressence in our lives!!!

I love you babe - Re-Re.

Marie Marsicano said...

I see as Amber is growing she had gorilla hair from the start and she still does also how cute she looked in kindergarden and how she looked in her little yellow shirt

Love Danielle

Stephanie said...

So, I thought that I had left a comment on here already, but it isn't here!

I do love the hair bow! The bigger the better! I love the Pooh outfits too.