Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mom, I have no bathing suits.

This is what Amber told me a few days ago. I thought she was right. When you are Amber's age, you go through bathing suits like crazy, and you leave them places....I see my friends daughters in Amber's bathing suits and vice-verse. So, I assumed she was accurate with that statement. I went in her room to refold everything in her drawers because if you saw how she keeps them you would die, and this is what I came across in the bathing suit department. I can think of 2 that must have been in the wash or at Alex's house. You're looking at 11. 3 aren't hers, and 1 doesn't fit. When all is said and done, she has 9. 9 bathing suits. Me? I have 2 from Target that are from 2005. Not even good ones. When she walked in her room and saw all these bathing suits, her tune changes. It went from, 'Mom, I have no bathing suits' to...'Mom, I have no bathing suits that I like. Poor girl.


Marie Marsicano said...

Hey - can you send some to my poor deprived daughter???

Between Amber and Brianna and Mackenzie I may not need to shop for Danielle for clothes or bathing suit this year!!!

It is good to have the youngest girl.

kristy said...

Lol, Alyssa said the same thing to me last night. In her defense she does only have one that fits. So I'm going bathing suit shopping some time this week. They leave for Disney with my dad on Thursday and do need more than 1 :)

Kristy said...

Marie is right. Danielle and Alyssa can go shopping in Amber's drawer. Have a size 8 to spare?