Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Cake

I am not going to turn this into a 'wedding planning' blog. That is much too self-centered and why ruin all of the details when lots of you who read this blog will hopefully be coming to the wedding? I will share a few tidbits that are particularly funny. Like the cake.

Keep in mind that I have never come face to face with a red velvet cake before reading on. Also keep in mind that I don't think Robert is a redneck, and he doesn't think my family is in the mob. It's just kind of an on going joke between us with the whole Northern/Southern thing. It's all fun and games.

We went to visit Haines Bakement at her house. She is a Pastry Chef that makes all of her cakes at home in her 'bakement'. She actually told us they revolved the purchase of their home around her future 'bakement'. I found her in "The knot" a Charlotte wedding magazine. The cake I saw was amazing, and as I read along, I realized that the bride actually made her own cake, so I got in touch with her. Me, Amber and Robert went to taste cakes and fillings...and then the comedy show started to roll.......

We start tasting the cakes.

Let me say that I tasted the red velvet cake, and it was delicious. However......

Robert: I want the red velvet cake.

Me: Your a redneck, and we are not having a red velvet cake.

Robert: Oh yeah, I forgot your a mafia princess, and you want cannoli filling and fried ice cream.

Me: All I see is Shirley McClane cutting into a blood red armadillo cake somewhere in the deep depths of the south.

Robert: That's right, you whack people that eat red velvet cake, and throw them in the river.


Our anniversary tier that we will eat on our first anniversary is red velvet, with cream cheese icing between the layers. In the privacy of our own home. hehehehehe......

All of this went on in front of Haines. She was laughing and laughing at us. It was particularly funny to her because her mother is from New York, and her father is from Charlotte. How 'bout that?

As for the other layers......think ganache......think chocolate.......maybe strawberry......mmmm...mmmmm. Make sure you show up for a taste.....

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Marie Marsicano said...

How did that song go?????

He's a little bit country and she's a little bit Rock-n-Roll???

There you go - your first dance!!!