Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't Touch

Let me start by saying that I do adore my kids. I'm just keepin' it real.

My children's love language is touch. Both of them. Amber more than Alex, but still, both of them. So is mine, so I can't complain. However....tell me if your feeling this....sometimes by the end of the day, I just don't want to be touched anymore. I'm tired of my hair being twisted, I'm tired of being jumped on when I'm trying to relax, I'm tired of my glasses accidentally being smashed into my face ( if you wear glasses, you know how much that hurts), I'm tired of almost spilling my drink on myself. I suppose I have to take some blame because I do "ruff house" my kids a lot, and it's something that they are used to. I also suppose it's not fair for me to decide when it is a good time and when is not to play/touch/wrestle, but I'm the Mommy so I get to make these decisions. Where I am going with this is my FACE. I would rather their not so clean little hands all over my face. Is that really bad? My son uses the bathroom freely, sometimes not to my knowledge. Who knows if he gets on that stool every single time to wash his hands? I watch my daughter play with her bare naked feet. Not feeling warm and fuzzy about her caressing my face after that. Not longing for them to touch my face after they just ate some Cheetos and licked every single finger until all of the flavor was gone. My son plays with the dog, and Lord knows what he's inadvertently touching there. When I was tucking him in tonight and saying his prayers, he was pawing my face like a mad man. Even though we wash up before bed, I was done. I was like..."Stop touching my face!" and I grabbed his hands. He whispered..."I'm sorry Mommy...." and in an instant, I felt like crap. Isn't it funny how your kids can make you feel like that so fast? I just can't take the touching of the face. Hug me, Kiss me, love me up, just please don't touch my face. Weird?


Karen said...

Your post had me cracking up! But don't get me wrong, I can totally relate as I am a 'germophope'!! I can imaging how your heart dropped after hearing Alex's response. He is so darned cute! Just keep telling him.....I love hugs and kisses! =]

Marie Marsicano said...

We are sisters and BFF's because we are so, so much alike!!!

You know my son is the biggest snuggler ever - especially for a boy - but sometimes I just want to walk without tripping over someone or I would like to sit down and have personal space.

HOWEVER - I do look to him immediately when I am feeling down because he always has a hug and an "around the world" kiss waiting for me!!!