Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chocolate Cake and Skim Milk

I was at work the other night, and this man ordered a chocolate tower cake...loaded with chocolate truffle, and nuts, and gooey icing and 7 layers of cake..........and a glass of skim milk. I very innocently laughed. It just came out. I thought it was hilarious that he was going to indulge in that cake, but needed to pair it with a glass of skim milk. As if he was watching his figure.

I think we all go through this in our spiritual life. Eat the chocolate cake on Sunday, and then water it down all week with skim milk. Today is Thursday, and for me, this week, I'm still enjoying the chocolate cake. When my pastor has a few weeks off like he just did, his first sermon back is always the best sermon ever. I'm still soaking it all in, reading through my notes, I made my index cards this week and have them where I can see them....I wish I could say that every week is this good. Sometimes, I get so caught up in everyday life, that I fall short in the time that I devote to putting what I learned this week into practice. This is an important part of my walk with God. Applying what I've learned to my everyday life. Taming my tongue, being the best mother and wife I can be, controlling my temper, and putting His future plans for my life into action. Focusing on the things that matter, not the things that don't. Do your best to enjoy that chocolate cake all week...don't water it down with skim milk.

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