Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm easy, so I've been told.

Numerous times throughout the wedding planning and actual 'event', I was told that I'm easy:

"Thank you for being so easy to work with"

"Working with you was such a simple pleasure"

"I appreciate your easy going personality, it made working with you so fun"

This is no secret that this is how I am. Even in the face of disaster, I'm kind of like....Well....what can you do. Freaking out over it isn't going to change it, so why go that route.

Where the wedding is concerned, I knew I was going to be there, I knew Robert was going to be there, and I knew my Pastor was going to be there. The just fluff. Don't get me wrong, I very much personalized my wedding, but I wasn't going to have a fit if there were 7 tea lights per table instead of the instructed 8. To me, who am I to step on the toes of the professional? When Sean asked me how important certain locations were to me, and explained to me that the sun, and time of day all played a part in the finished product, you know what I said? "You're the expert Sean. Whatever you think is best." When Haines said I should go for the ganache rather than chocolate frosting inside the cake and that cream cheese was the best filling for the lemon layer, I said.."You would know best, lets do it." Who I am to step on the toes of the people that devote their lives to being great at these things? (If you go to my church, you know what I'm getting at with that comment...I bought the book). When I found a florist that respected my budget (which wasn't easy), I let her work her magic. As a matter of fact, I never even laid eyes on the flowers until the day of the wedding. For real.

I trust that people will do their job with excellence. I try to do whatever I do with excellence. I was raised that way. If you trust in people in this way, it alleviates a lot of stress in your life. I'm not saying you will never hit a rough patch (like maybe at the hair dresser, or when you get a crappy server at a restaurant), but for the most part, if people strive to do their very best, and of course you do your homework, you should make out alright. Not everything is going to be exactly the way you want it, when you want it. That is what's called 'unrealistic expectations'.

I want to wrap this up by saying please don't mistake my 'being easy', for lack of care, or lack of attention to detail. That is not at all the case. My wedding day was one of the most important days of my life, and I made sure it was going to be beautiful, and it was. Simply enough life.....

I just don't sweat the small stuff.

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Reggie said...

That is very well said Colleen.

My Dad used to tell me why don't you cross that bridge when you come to it.

AT 42 I am still learning how to do that but making steps in that direction.

Your wedding was perfect and I certainly never took your 'easy' attitude as lack of caring.

You are a free spirit and we all love that about you!

I guess it also helps to have the most organized sister in the world as well :}